Emotional Payton Moormeier Lyrics to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

Payton Moormeier isn't just a TikTok phenomenon with more than 15 million followers, but also a pop-punk artist with avid fans around the globe—and we count ourselves among them.

So far, he's dropped some really incredible and memorable singles, from "Habits" and "Hard to Breathe" to his latest release, "RICH BOY," and we can't get enough. If you're in the same boat, keep scrolling for some of our favorite thoughtful Payton lyrics that also work as Instagram captions.

For when you're dancing with someone and neither of you wants to go anywhere:

"We can leave, it ain't a problem, but the way you looking at got me thinking you don't wanna."

-"Rich Boy"


For when you're wishing they'd just tell you what they were thinking:

"I can't read your mind."



For when you've picked up yet another denim jacket at the thrift store:

"Rocking denim jackets, stuck with these bad habits."



For when you're having second thoughts about the end of a relationship:

"Didn't really feel right when I let you go."

-"Hard to Breathe"


For when you're still trying to figure yourself out:

"Yeah, I don't even know myself."

-"Love Letter"


For when you're mad that following someone's suggestion actually worked:

"I can't seem to take advice without feeling attacked."



For when your crush is playing with your heart:

"Your games tear me apart."



For when thinking about that person is giving you insomnia:

"I can't seem to fall asleep, 'cause thoughts of you and me always seem to haunt my dreams."



For when you finally take the time to sit with your feelings:

"I'm trying to find some peace of mind. I've been running from myself."



For when someone hasn't texted back and you're overthinking it:

"Why is it takin' you so long to just respond?"



For when you're looking cute and what to show the world:

"Here's a love letter to myself."

-"Love Letter"


For when you've eaten too much and your tummy hurts:

"I've made mistakes and I regret it."

-"Hard to Breathe"


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