Peach Soaps Will Make You Want to Ditch Plastic Soap & Shampoo Bottles for Its Fabulous Bars

I've been obsessed with Peach soaps ever since the folks behind the brand let me try their Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. It only took me one use of both bars to fall in love with how they made my hair look and feel, leaving me wishing I could try the rest of Peach's unique bar soap offerings.

Lucky for me, the brand heard my pleas, and to my delight, quickly sent me everything else in the Peach collection to try. Their products are all about reinventing your shower routine by replacing your bottles of shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash and hand soap with plastic-free bars, and they've seriously changed my mornings.

The Products

Peach is part of the Grove Collaborative, a company dedicated to home essentials that are healthy for their users, as well as for the planet at large. It makes sense, then, that these unique soap bars are plant-based and completely plastic-free, coming in recyclable paper boxes. They make separate bars for hands and body, the face, and shampooing and conditioning hair, but that's not all—each bar is also designed for the specific needs of the user.

Peach care 10 variety soaps

(via Peach)

That means different face bars for balancing or hydrating, different hand and body bars for moisturizing or deep cleansing, and separate shampoo and conditioner bars for volumizing, strengthening or moisturizing, depending on your hair's natural qualities. Overall, that adds up to 10 unique bars for customers to mix and match to their own tastes—and none of them include sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates or silicones. We also love that every purchase supports their nonprofit partner the 5 Gyres Institute, which stands against plastic pollution.

I already thoroughly reviewed the volumizing bars HERE, but keep reading to find out what I enjoyed about their other eight great bars.


The Experience

Moisturizing Hand & Body Bar: $7.95

Before I even took it out of the box, I could smell the tart and fragrant raspberry scent of this bar, which made me very excited to start using it. When I started using it in the shower, I found that this bar doesn't generate too much of a lather, but it really didn't have to in order to leave me feeling super clean, as well as smooth and hydrated in a way I haven't felt before from a standard bar. That's likely due to the passionfruit seed oil, coconut oil and shea butter within, which are all included in the name of moisturization. While it might be the slipperiest soap I've ever used (so use with caution) it works great, and has a smell that's sure to perk you right up in the mornings.

Peach: Moisturizing hand and body bar

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Deep Cleansing Hand & Body Exfoliating Soap Bar: $7.95

I wasn't quite sure how this bar would differ from the moisturizing bar that came before it, but I quickly discovered that there was a big difference between the two. In addition to being slightly paler in color, this bar includes hunks of pink Himalayan sea salt, which act as a rough exfoliant to help get rid of dead skin while aiding in the cleansing process. Even so, it seems to have the same hydrating (and slippery) qualities of the other bar. While I don't use this one as often, because I avoid excess exfoliation, I've become a big fan. Also, the backs of my shoulders tend to be problem areas for me in terms of breakouts, and since using these two soaps in tandem, my shoulders have been completely smooth and acne-free. Thanks, Peach!

Peach: Deep cleansing hand and body bar

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Hydrating Facial Cleansing Bar: $12.95

Peach's facial bars are a little smaller, at 3 oz., which I don't mind because at the rate I'm going, these things are going to last forever. This Hydrating Facial Cleansing Bar is loaded with ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid, which aids with deep hydration and restoring the skin's natural moisture. It has a barely-there grapefruit scent, and generates a very gentle foam that feels great on the skin. I avoid washing my skin with a cleanser too often because my skin tends to dry out easily (particularly in the chilly months) and though I don't use this bar daily, it's seemed to improve the quality of my winter skin.


Peach: Moisturizing facial bar

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Balancing Facial Cleansing Bar: $12.95

Though this bar looks nearly identical to the moisturizing facial bar (and has the same light scent) it'quite different on the inside. This bar utilizes clarifying blue tansy, a flower with properties that balance oily complexions and soothe irritation in skin. It's also got coconut and rosehip oils for hydrating and soothing skin. It seems to create more lather than the other bar, and it's become my go-to when my skin's a little red or itchy.

Peach: Balancing facial bar

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Strengthening Shampoo Bar: $12.95

After falling in love with the volumizing bars from Peach, I was super curious about the other shampoo and conditioner bars they had to offer. The hair-focused bars also appear to have the most fabulous and potent scents in the entire Peach collection, with the strengthening bars sporting a bold, fruity melon fragrance. With a blend of monoi oil and coconut and shea butter, it's designed for damaged hair with split ends. It smooths cuticles and makes weak hair strands stronger, as well as hydrating and detangling. Since my hair is getting super long at the moment, I can absolutely use help with my growing number of split ends, and I love the way this solid bar makes my hair feel. The lather is so rich and smells great, too.


Peach: Strengthening Shampoo Bar

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Strengthening Conditioner Bar: $12.95

My hair is very long, and very straight, and so daily conditioning is one of the most important parts of my shower routine. This ultra-hydrating bar, infused with monoi oil, coconut oil and shea butter makes my hair feel incredibly smooth and easy to detangle and brush, and I can tell the bar is going to last longer than a big bottle of my regular conditioner because a little goes such a long way. Its melon scent is also one I'm happy to carry around with me all day. Overall, these strengthening hair bars are my favorite items from Peach, and I feel lucky to have them in my arsenal.

Peach: Strengthening Conditioner Bar

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Moisturizing Shampoo Bar: $12.95


Peach: Moisturizing Shampoo Bar

(via Grove)

The Peach Moisturizing Shampoo Bar is designed to restore dull and dry hair to a soft and shiny state. As someone who doesn't dye, heat-style or blow dry my hair, I don't have locks with the overprocessed qualities this bar is designed to combat, so I wondered if it would still benefit me. With its combination of babassu oil, plus coconut oil and shea butter for softening and restoring moisture and shine, I found that it made my hair even softer than it is naturally, which is a big step above my typical shampoo. It also has a soothing and subtle coconut lavender scent that anyone can fall in love with.



Moisturizing Conditioner Bar: $12.95

This bar, featuring the same coconut lavender scent as the shampoo, plus the same shine-restoring ingredients, is an incredibly hydrating conditioner bar. I think my hair is relatively healthy to begin with, but after using this bar for a few days, it did feel like it somehow got even softer and shinier than normal. The fragrance doesn't last quite as long as the melon, but it's still got a refreshing scent that will make you think happy thoughts.

Peach: Moisturizing Conditioner Bar

(via Grove)


Bottom Line

I love everything about Peach and their unique bath bars. It's been great ditching plastic bottles in the shower for cute, colorful and sustainable bars, and knowing that at the end of the process, nothing I'm using will wind up in a landfill. I also like that the different products are designed for different needs. You can buy exactly what you want, or give them all a try to see which products best suit you.

For example, I recommend owning both varieties of the hand and body soap and alternating between them, giving a break with a gentler soap between exfoliation days. You may also like having the option of both facial bars, depending on whether you're facing dryness or oiliness on any given day, or pairing a shampoo from one collection with a conditioner of another to maximize the health and look of your hair. I also find that, left overnight in the shower, the bars dry fully, meaning you can put them back in the box and swap them out to try them all.

While the price may be a little higher than you might typically spend on shampoo or soap, these bars are built to last, and will probably end up saving you money in the long run while you also get to use a better product.


Curious about Peach? Click HERE to find out more about their volumizing bars for hair.