This New Clueless Eyeshadow Palette Is Perfect for Rollin' With the Homies

Think you can name a movie more iconic than Clueless? Ugh, as if!
The 1995 teen romance blessed us with dozens of stinging one-liners, a closet we would envy for the rest of our lives and a lingering fear of driving on the freeway. Now, we can thank Clueless for yet another addition to our beauty goals: a brand new eyeshadow palette!

Indie beauty and fashion brand Peachy Queen just announced the impending release of their new Clueless eyeshadow palette and it's giving us all kinds of nostalgia. Currently available on pre-order for $39.99, the palette features vibrant shimmers and mattes that are definitely worthy of a spoiled Beverly Hills teen.

The outside of the palette features a hot pink background with the Clueless logo emblazoned on the front, but the real excitement begins when you lift the lid, where you can find 30 Clueless-themed shades.

Many of the shades are named after characters in the movie, included a bright red, labeled "Dionne," a shimmery deep green named "Tai" and a glittery turquoise dubbed "Cher," while others are named for some of the most famous phrases from the movie.

"As If" is a bright and shining yellow, "Whatever" is a shimmering light purple, "Full on Monet" is an understated nude and "Total Betty" is a nice light pink. And those are just a few of the colors included in this incredibly versatile palette.

While Peachy Queen hasn't yet announced when the palette will be on sale, we're pretty sure they're going to sell fast. With nostalgia-inducing vibes like these, you better keep your eye out if you want to snag one.


With so many colors to choose from in this palette, how will you ever know which shade is right for you? Click HERE to find out how you can find the perfect eyeshadow for your eye color.