Could You See Josh Hutcherson As A Teenage Charlie Brown?

It's official! Dog With A Blog's Francesca Capaldi has joined the cast of The Peanuts Movie as the Little Red-Haired Girl. But what if they went a little older with the casting? We have some dream actors in mind to play teen versions of the Peanuts gang!

As the star of Peanuts, the Charlie Brown character has a huge weight on his shoulders, and Josh Hutcherson is just the guy to take on the responsibility. He's got just the right combination of leading man charisma and vulnerability to bring Charlie to life. Plus, Charlie finally deserves a great head of hair!

Lucy van Pelt knows exactly what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to let everyone know it. Demi Lovato's confidence and attitude are the perfect match for the character. Who doesn't want to see Demi pull off Lucy's infamous football gag?

Peppermint Patty is athletic, assertive and totally crushing on Charlie Brown. We think Lucy Hale deserves a break from getting tangled in murder mysteries on Pretty Little Liars to do something new, and her look is totally on point to play the character!

We'd love to see Selena Gomez go against type and play Marcie in a Peanuts movie. Selena actually has terrible vision and needs glasses or contacts to see, just like Marcie, and it would be fab to see her play the meek, brainy type onscreen.

Sally Brown is all about sweetness, so Olivia Holt would nail the role. And she could handle Sally's jumbled expressions like a pro.

Jack Griffo just gives us a Linus van Pelt vibe. Or maybe we just want to see him carry a blue security blanket. Linus is always trying to put a positive spin on things and bring peace to the sometimes turbulent Peanuts gang, and even though Jack plays a wannabe villain on TV, he'd be just right.

A musical character like Shroeder should be portrayed by none other than Ross Lynch! He's already a masterful piano player who knows how to rock out and get lost in the music.

Hear us out. Calum Hood would be the PERFECT Pig-Pen. The 5SOS guys aren't always so clean cut, so Calum could really appreciate getting a little messy for the part.

Mick, the dog who plays Stan on Dog With a Blog, would be the perfect Snoopy. He's already a showbiz canine who's proved his comedy chops!

So Big Bird technically isn't an actor… but we'd really, really, really love to see him do the little Woodstock dance.

Last but not least, no one would be better for the role of a teenage Little Red-Haired Girl than Bella Thorne. She'd definitely be deserving of Charlie Brown's crush!

Who would you cast as your Peanuts favs? Share your excitement for the movie, and your dream casting, in the comments.