We Tried a Butter That Claims to Make You Both Smart and Beautiful

Butter is essentially the essence of life.

Name a dish, butter is most definitely an ingredient. And if you put it on anything, your food instantly tastes better.

But what if I told you eating butter could make your skin more radiant and boost your memory?

Allow me to introduce you to Pearl Butter.

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Organic and ethically-sourced, Pearl Butter utilizes ingredients including pearl and spirulina in their coconut-based butters to improve your health from the inside out. What you won't find in these guys? Dairy or sugar.

I got my hands on the Brain Butter and Beauty Butter to experience firsthand all that these butters have to offer.

Brain Butter and Beauty Butter from Pearl Butter

Containing the neuroprotective protein C-phycocyanin, the blue-colored Brain Butter works to boost your memory, creativity and overall brain health.

The rosy-colored Beauty Butter contains the complex protein conchiolin, which increases the production of collagen to illuminate your complexion.

Each container notes that you can use the butter by adding it to your coffee, blending it in a smoothie, spreading it on toast or eating it right out of the jar.

I chose to add the butters to my coffee first because I wasn't feeling adventurous enough to eat a spoonful of them.

Coffee in a red mug

Because the butters are so flavorful, I didn't have to add sugar to my coffee, making me feel a lot better about chugging down two cups of joe. I still poured in a splash of almond milk though.

Sipping on the butter-filled coffee was more delicious than I expected. It was definitely coconutty, but it wasn't too overpowering.

After I finished my cup with the Brain Butter, I noticed that I did notice that I was better able to concentrate during the day. I also felt more creative than usual.

With the Beauty Butter, I wasn't quite able to tell if my appearance changed after one cup of coffee.

Moving on from coffee, I spread the butters all over some sourdough bread, which created some pretty gorgeous toast.

Pink and blue butter spread on two pieces of sourdough toast

Both butters spread really nicely across the toast, producing a creamy almost peanut butter-like spread.

Again, you could really taste the coconut in these butters. If that's not your thing, you might not like them so much.

Though I've only used the butters for a few days, I've noticed that they do deliver on their promises, especially the Brain Butter.

Since adding it to my coffee every morning, I've felt far more creative and found it easier to focus on the tasks at hand. My memory has also improved a bit, too, but I still forget a handful of things I swore I would remember throughout the day.

I haven't noticed that much of a change in my complexion after using the Beauty Butter, but I do feel better about myself when I eat it. Isn't that really all that matters?

Without a doubt, I say give these butters a go. They're beautifully colored, taste fantastic and deliver on their promises. It's really a win-win situation here.


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