Penguins Vs. Rope: Video Pick Of the Week!

In our latest video pick of the week, these penguins on a Macquarie Island beach face off against a dastardly rope!Penguin Vs. Rope

When these penguins are confronted by a rope tying a raft safely to land, they're met with a dilemma. How in the world will they face this unsurmountable obstacle?

The penguins' solution is to waddle right over the rope, risking the chance of falling flat on their faces.

Macquarie Island beach is an island in the Pacific Ocean, which lies about half-way between New Zealand and Antarctica.

The island is home to lots of penguins during the nesting season, including these King Penguins, though Royal, Southern Rockhoppers and Gentoo Penguins also make their nests on the island each year. If fact, it's home to about 3.5 million different birds from 13 different species throughout the year!

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