Penny Chic By Shauna Miller Makes Budget Style Hot!

Penny Chic: How To Be Stylish on a Real Girl's Budget is an upcoming book by Shauna Miller filled with amazing tips and tricks for fashion lovers on a budget. GIVEAWAY CLOSED!

The book won't be available until September 2, but we got an early look at Penny Chic to check it out and share our thoughts on all of Miller's fabulous advice! Also be sure to read on to find out how you can win a signed copy of Penny Chic!

Looking and feeling fierce and fashion-forward is simple when you've got cash to spare, but when you're a student, you don't always have money burning a hole in your wallet. Penny Chic discusses all aspects of shopping on what Miller calls a "real girl's budget." Where has this book been all our lives?

Miller explains that as a young woman with a passion for fashion, she made it her creative duty to dress for less. When you dress to impress yourself, it can do wonders for your confidence and mood, and when you're feeling fearless, you can make any outfit shine!

Extremely cute outfits can be put together shopping on a budget at stores like Target, Walmart and Old Navy, and Penny Chic is the handy definitive guide to creating the perfect inexpensive outfits.

The book is divided into three parts dedicated to "Finding Your Style," "Building Your Wardrobe" and "Putting the Pieces Together."

"Finding Your Style" starts with figuring out your personal fashion tastes. Miller gives directions on creating an inspiration board, and will help you interpret your favorite color schemes, moods and more to discover the styles that really suit you!

For each fashion personality, or "style tribe," she also lists out a number of outfits that are adorable and easy to recreate without spending the big bucks.

The chapter concludes with some handy organizational tips. She suggests editing your wardrobe and learning to use pieces you already own in a brand new way. Ditch broken pieces and ones you never, ever wear. It can be painful, but it does pay off!

The "Building Your Wardrobe" chapter teaches you how to get all of the essentials for less. Start by making a shopping list of the pieces you still need, set a budget and then find them on the cheap!

Miller also has some nifty advice on handling your finances. If you have any money coming in, she recommends making a shopping budget, and setting aside a little every month to save for the future.

She adds that it's okay to splurge and spend a little extra on a high-quality piece every once in a while, but it should be something that can be worked into multiple outfits, and these kinds of purchases should be limited to once every few months!

Sometimes you won't even have to purchase a needed piece! Miller recommends making a fashion trade with a friend or borrowing a piece from a family member. Penny Chic also features some fashion-forward yet DIY style projects you can do yourself at home, from bleach polka dots to fabric paint stripes, rhinestones, lace and many more.

Miller gives some great tips on what items to buy new vs. secondhand. You want basic pieces to last a long time, but unique items and accessories can be found at thrift shops! She also doles out some handy advice on spotting sturdy shoes.

Her list of great budget shopping locations is especially extensive, and she has some super helpful shopping tips, like what to wear on a shopping trip to make your dressing room experience totally seamless!

Shopping in secondhand stores like thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets is a totally different animal, so Miller covers that topic in depth, as well. She advises shoppers to keep an open mind, but never forget about their spending strategy!

She even includes a checklist that'll tell you whether to take a piece home or put it back on the shelf and leave it be. You'll want to have this list on you every time you head out to the stores!

The last chapter puts everything together, and is all about knowing how to style yourself. If you're the queen of casual, you may need a little extra help dressing for school, job experiences or formal events!

Penny Chic features a number of outfits for different style tribes to suit any occasion, and we love that they won't break the bank!

Last but not least, Miller wants to remind us that confidence is key. If you really rock your outfit, no one will even consider that you didn't spend top dollar for it. Make it work, and your outfit will be absolutely radiant.

Penny Chic is the fashion guide you never knew you needed. If you're anything like us, you don't have unlimited access to cash, and the advice within the book will make both your closet and your wallet very happy.

The book really benefits from some amazing fashion photos taken by Penny Chic photographer, and author Shauna Miller's mother, Shideh Miller, and there's an awesome index at the end of the book that can help you track down every piece featured!

Would you love your own signed copy of Penny Chic? Just comment below and tell us how you stay stylish on a budget! Penny Chic By Shauna Miller Makes Budget Style Hot!Winners will be selected and contacted on September 8! (Note: Giveaway closed!)

We definitely recommend adding Penny Chic to your library once it releases next month!