10 of Our Favorite People to Follow On BookTok

We spend loads of time on TikTok, and our For You pages are full of BookTok videos.

If you're looking for some new books to read, don't worry, our favorite BookTok creators have you covered. And their videos are anything but boring. They have lists covering all sorts of genres, rate books they've read and give the best recs. Just continue below for 10 of our favorite people to follow on BookTok!


Even though this list is in no particular order, Lauryn is by far our favorite BookTok creator. Her feed is full of all sorts of adorable videos, and we can never get enough! Our absolute favorite of hers has to be when she's talking in the first person, and it sounds like she's telling a story about her life, when in actuality, she's describing the premise of a book! It's genius and gets us hooked every time.

@lauryns_library who would've guessed 🤣🫶🏻 #favoritebooks #bookworm ♬ Until I Found You – Stephen Sanchez



Isabella is such an adorable human being and we think pretty much everyone will like her videos. She covers all sorts of videos from standalones to fantasy, romance, summer-inspired and more. You can also expect videos of her giving tips on how to annotate!

@isabellagerli May Wrap Up🥰💗 #readingwrapup #bookreviews #bookrating #mayreadss #recentreads #monthlyreadingwrapup ♬ Music For a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles


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Maeve's follower count is steadily rising as she gains more and more popularity on BookTok. She leans toward romance and fantasy books, so if that's your thing, definitely give her a follow. Our favorite videos she makes have to be her "convincing you to read this book based on the first line" series.

@maevebooks a random mix of books 😅 || ib: @avery #booktok #bookworm #bookcontent #bookish #bookrecs #bookishtiktok #booktoker #book #reading #bookrec #comfortreads #favebook #toptenbooks ♬ Someone New – Hozier



Mya absolutely adores romance books, and we are right there with her. She tends to rate the books she reads on a scale of one to five, and we think her ratings are always spot on. We also enjoy watching her book hauls and funny videos about being a girl who likes to read!

@myas.bookshelf idk why the brightness is so high #booktok #fyp 's library)" href="https://www.tiktok.com/music/original-sound-7109532245794278149" rel="noopener">♬ original sound – mya ('s library)



Amy's TikTok page is so dreamy and aesthetically pleasing—we truly can't get enough of it. Not only that, but she also gives out some stellar book recs. Whether it's books to read to become That Girl, books you'll enjoy in the summer or something else, she always gives her audience fun and innovative videos.

@amyjordanj Books to read this summer 💖#summerbooks #bookrecommendations #hotgirlsummer #fy #bookclub #bookgirl ♬ as it was x cruel summer x deja vu – matty james


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Ash is our go-to girl when we have a super-specific question about what book to read. Loved Outer Banks? She has a book rec for you! Looking for books with a specific cover color to add to your shelves? She has a video on that, too!

@itsashtaylor What's a book you couldn't put down? #romancebooks #booktok #books #bookboyfriend #booktokfyp #booktokbooks #romancebooktok #booktoker #reader #fictionalmen #bookrecommendations #bookrecs #bookish ♬ running up that hill – &lt3



Vritti is another up-and-comer on BookTok that we think is going to be huge one day. We love her interpretation of books and her clever way of telling us her faves. One of the series she recently started is "books that will be classics in 100 years," and we absolutely agree with everything she has to say!

@vrittibooks 📚 🥰 Which books did I miss #booktok #booktokrant #futureclassics #satire #booktokdrama #fbaaseries #tatbilb #acotarseries #booktoksatire #bookish ♬ som original – CALL ME PAULO



Selene is yet again another creator on TikTok that we can't get enough of. She's focused on giving books recs based on specific genres or categories, like ones written by Latinx, LGBTQ+, books to read during the summer and so much more.

@moongirlreads_ happy pride :)) #moongirlreads #bookrecs #pride #lgbtqbooks ♬ original sound – ༺♡༻


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Mina's TikTok feed is so aesthetically pleasing! We feel like she just has her life in order and will listen to pretty much anything she recommends. Some video styles she's covered include songs that perfectly match a book, books that made her heart aching for the character, books for young teens and more!

@mina.undercova The pain I felt from these books. &lt/3 #books #booktok #reading #readertok #bookrecs #bookrecommendations #sadbookrecs ♬ original sound – Duncan Joseph



Peyton is new to the BookTok game, but we think she's going to find a lot of success on the platform. She loves doing book hauls and letting her followers know what books she read the previous month. You can also expect video recs if you're looking for short books, books like The Hunger Games, books she gave 5 stars to and many more.

@peytonreadsbooks Reply to @whiskeysam i hope u enjoy!!! #scarybooks #horrorbooks #disturbingbooks #darkbooks #booktok #reading #bookish #bookishtiktok #bookrecs #books #booktoker #bookrecommendations #readersoftiktok ♬ show me how by men i trust – laid 2 rest


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