A Definitive Ranking of Pepperidge Farm's Signature Cookies

Pepperidge Farm is pretty much synonymous with delicious cookies, but with so many types of cookie on the grocery store shelves, it sometimes feels they're giving us too many options.

If you always have a tough time picking out one pack to bring home, we're here to help. Keep scrolling for a definitive ranking of Pepperidge Farm's most distinctive cookies.

12. Thumbprint

Pepperidge Farm technically has Thumbprint cookies in apricot raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and cherry jam varieties, but we don't think there's anything all that special about any of them. While the shortbread cookie is tasty, the ultra-sweet dollop of jam in each one has a tacky mouthfeel and actually detracts from the flavor. If the jams were sharper and added more complexity to the flavor, these would likely rank much higher on the list.


11. Gingerman

Gingerbread men should be packed with spicy ginger and holiday spice flavor, and unfortunately, these seasonal cookies fall a bit short. Though the cinnamon adds some nice flavor, and a dusting of sugar lend it an extra crispy crunch, they don't live up to our expectations. You can do better, Pepperidge Farm!


10. Shortbread

Pepperidge Farm's Shortbread cookies are pretty tasty. They're buttery and sweet in just the right proportions, and the crunchy cookie has a great texture. While this simplicity works, it doesn't have anything else going on to push it to greatness, and the same cookie works to better effect in some of the recipes to follow.


9. Chessmen

Chessmen should be one of the most boring cookies out there, but the flavor just works. Like the shortbread, it gets the sweet, buttery cookie flavor down pat, but we think this cookie works even better thanks to the wonderful texture. It might benefit from some chocolate, but it's not bad.


8. Sugar

Pepperidge Farm really knows how to make a simple, no-frills cookie taste incredible. These aren't the crumbly, ultra-soft modern sugar cookies you might be used to—they're better. Again, they're buttery and rich, making it nearly impossible to have just one. Maybe it's their simplicity that makes them so easy to scarf down.

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7. Bordeaux

If you find the previous cookies on this list too boring, maybe the Bordeaux will be right for you. Even though it doesn't have any fancy topics, the rich treats have a slight toffee taste that makes it feel more indulgent than the others. It's nicely crispy and crumbly, making it perfect if you like dipping your cookies in hot drinks.

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6. Lemon

This Lemon cookie is Pepperidge Farm's Shortbread cookie, but better. It elevates the more basic cookie by adding a hint of lemony goodness. It'd probably live even higher on this list if it was mouth-puckeringly tart, but we'll take what we can get.

Pepperidge Farm Lemon Cookies

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5. Milk Chocolate Milano

We're surprised as you are to see the iconic Milano this low on the list, but Pepperidge Farm's cookies get so much better when chocolate is introduced that it had to be done. It consists of a thin layer of chocolate sandwiched between two slightly soft but still sturdy cookies, and it's delectable. However, we think the cookie-to-chocolate ratio is a little high, robbing it of a higher standing.

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4. Tahiti

The Tahiti is basically a Milano with coconut, and we're newly obsessed with it. It's perfect for fixing your Samoa cravings when it's not Girl Scout Cookie season, and though these cookies have the same fluffy crumble to them as Milanos, the shape gives added texture. Even if you're not a not a coconut lover, the sweet taste of this cookie might have what it takes to win you over.


3. Naples

The Naples is a relatively new cookie so we hadn't tried it before this ranking, but it deserves to be tried by any cookie fan. It's a shortbread cookie with a chocolate citrus twist, and it gets that unique combination exactly right. If you dislike the mixing of orange and chocolate, it might not instantly become your favorite, but if you like a little sharp tang mixed in with rich milk chocolate, we think you'll fall hard for this one.

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2. Geneva

Geneva is the ultimate cookie for when you've decided to go all out. It's the richest of all of the cookies on this list, consisting of a big, crisp cookie coated on one side with a generous amount of chocolate before being topped with pecans. Not only does it have a lot going on, but it'll also fill you up faster than any of the others.

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1. Brussels

Brussels cookies simply don't get the respect they deserve. This thin, crunchy sandwich cookie nestles a layer of tasty chocolate between two crisp, caramel cookie edges to create a flavor that's completely irresistible. We think it should eventually get the Milano treatment and be reinveted in dozens of incredible flavors, but for now we're just happy that Brussels cookies exist.

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