This Product Will Help You Achieve the Perfect Cat-Eye Every Time

The beloved cat-eye is an all-time classic makeup look worn by some of history's biggest beauty icons including Twiggy, Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Conrad and the inimitable Cleopatra.

But anyone who has attempted the cat-eye on their own knows that perfecting this centuries-old beauty look isn't the easiest feat. From shaky hands to mismatched "wings," achieving this look can sometimes feel impossible.

That is until we discovered the Cleopatra Cat Eye Stamp, a brand new product form Lyda Beauty that guarantees to give you the symmetrical cat eye in under 60 seconds.

So how does this too-good-to-be-true product work? This unique device has an applicator that literally stamps on the perfect winged liner via a "precisely angled stamp on one end, and a fine-tipped point on the other." 

Can it really deliver Cleopatra-worthy peepers? We decided to put this product to the test.


At first glance, I really like the packaging. It's sleek and chic and looks uncomplicated. I removed both caps to see what I'd be working with and I was happily surprised with the super pointy felt-tip liner and elongated triangle stamp on the opposing side.

Cleopatra cat eye stamp

cleopatra cat eye stamp

cleopatra cat eye stamp


Step 1: Line Lids

The first step is to create your liner base using the pointy side. I've used a ton of eyeliners over the course of my life and definitely found this one to be on the easier side. I was able to create even, medium thick lines on both eyes.

Regular eyeliner with cat eye stamp


Step 2: Wing Stamp

Next, apply the wing stamp to the corner of each eye. But before you do, I'd recommend testing this out on your hand so you can get a gist of how it looks first. This honestly was super easy for me! I nailed it the first time. The only piece of advice I have to give is make sure you press down evenly and firmly. I ended up having to go over my stamp with the pointy side to make it as black as my liner.

Cat eye stamp

cat eye stamp


Final Look

Other than that, this product gets a big vote from me! It costs just under $20 and you can shop it right now for the makeup-lover in your life or for yourself!

Cleopatra Cat Eye stamp


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