QUIZ: Who Would Be Your Perfect Date?

Noah Centineo has graced our small screens once again.

Starring in a new Netflix original movie opposite Laura Marano, Noah plays an ambitious kid whose only dream is to get into Harvard. In order to make his wish a reality, he sets up an app where girls can customize dates, choosing his personality, style and even the things he can say. Along the way… well, let's just say things don't go quite as planned.


(The Perfect Date via Netflix)

The Perfect Date was a fun weekend watch. Not only because we got to see Noah Centineo don a variety of questionable personalities, but also because we enjoyed the subtle undertones of empowerment and identity.

But the movie did have us asking ourselves one important question: What would our perfect date be like? Well, now we have the answer. Take the quiz below to build your perfect date and find out what the man of your dreams would actually be like.

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