The Perfect Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys

No matter his age, shopping for a teenage boy is difficult.

How can you expect to get them the right gift when the time comes? Much like young adult girls, 17-year-old boys are difficult to pin down when it comes to their interests and wants, making it much harder to figure out what kind of presents are perfect for them (no matter the reason for your gift giving). Fortunately, you can forget having to scour the store shelves or fixating on the one thing you know they definitely have on their wish list (that five other people probably already bought for them, of course). Instead, simply get them one of the items on our list of the perfect gifts for 17-year-old boys:

A Bluetooth Beanie for the Guy Who Can't Bear Dealing With Wires: $30

For the 17-year-old guy who already owns AirPods and that seems to have every other wireless gadget under the sun, this Bluetooth beanie hat is the perfect addition to their extensive existing collection of electronic goods.

Rotiblox Bluetooth beanie hat

(via Amazon)


An Amazon Gift Card: $25+

Some 17-year-old boys are so hard to pin down that it's just easier on both of you to go with a gift card when you don't know what to get them. Thankfully, you can make his day, week or even year by getting him a handy Amazon gift card, which he'll surely appreciate no matter what amount you put on it.

amazon cupcake gift card

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An All-In-One Portable Gym for the Guy Trying to Get Fit: $159.98

Cheap? No. Useful? Big time yes. If you know a 17-year-old boy who won't stop talking about how he wants to get in shape before college but can't find a good gym, give him the gift of the gym right from his room with this portable full-body workout set.

gomez full body portable gym

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This Foldable Lap Desk: $45.96

If he's currently in college, about to go to college, thinking about applying to colleges or even a big fan of watching things on his laptop screen, this foldable multi-tasking memory foam lap desk is the perfect gift.

sofia and sam memory foam lap desk

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A Pair of Comfy Fleece Joggers: $29.96

On sale for less than $30, these fleece joggers from Hollister are a great match for any 17-year-old guy (no matter if they're wearing them after practice or all day long in class).

hollister fleece joggers

(via Hollister)


These Adidas Slides: $14.98+

Can't go wrong with the classics right? These Adidas slides would certainly prove that, as they combine comfort with style for an effortlessly great gift.

adidas slides

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This Insulated Mug for the Guy Who's Always Caffeinated:$14

17 is an age that can be difficult to shop for due to how it sits perfectly between childhood and adulthood, but thankfully this classic insulated coffee mug does all the work for you. With just two pieces (the lid and the mug), it's an easy gift that's sure to go a long way for any coffee-loving guy you know.

idoker insulated coffee mug

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While shopping for gifts for a 17-year-old boy might not be easy, we certainly hope that our list of ideas has made it at least a little bit easier. But of course, you can always take some inspiration from our list of the perfect gifts for 16-year-old guys by clicking right HERE.