12 Flirty and Adventurous Texts to Send Your Gemini Crush

If you've ever spent an entire hour drafting, and then deleting, texts to your crush because they simply weren't right, we can definitely relate.

Should you play it cool, or lay all of your feelings out on the table? Act funny, or serious, or somewhere in between? There are so many things to consider when it comes to crafting that perfect text, including all of the things that might go wrong.

While no two crushes are exactly alike, your crush's zodiac sign might give you a few clues as to the types of texts that they'll love receiving. If yours happens to be a Gemini, we believe one of these 10 will hit the mark.

'Tell me that joke again.'

Geminis pride themselves on their wit and keen sense of humor, so don't be afraid to let them know just how funny you think they are. If they said something hilarious the last time you were together, ask them to retell the joke or recount the story and share that you're still cracking up about it. Don't be afraid to pile on a hearty number of laughing crying emojis and "hahahahaha"s to let them know just how much they make you laugh.


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'I'm at Starbucks, and I have a free seat next to me…'

Spontaneous Gemini is easily bored, so if you're out and about and you'd like them to join you as your partner in crime, don't be afraid to extend an invite. If they're not already busy, chances are, they'll be more than happy to accept. They love being around people, and not only will that make their day that much more interesting, but they'll also appreciate that you took the initiative to ask.


'I have a surprise for you…'

A Gemini likes to be caught off guard and kept on their toes, so if you have a little something to share with them, whether it's something you need to tell them or a tiny gift, play it up and tease them with it. Not only will this text immediately catch their interest, but it pretty much guarantees that they'll be wondering about you and the surprise until you get the chance to finally unveil it.


'I think you're wrong… Here's why:'

While the average person isn't open to hearing that they're wrong, and would take this as someone picking a fight, Gemini is different from the rest. In fact, they thrive on the opportunity to debate an idea and argue its finer points, particularly if it's a topic they're passionate about. Of course, you'll want to come armed with evidence of your own to add to the discussion, because Gemini is primed to win.


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'Would you be my plus one?'

Going somewhere you'd prefer to have a date, rather than going solo? If you're feeling brave, ask Gemini to come along. They're social creatures who jump at the opportunity to go out—particularly if the event is a little ritzy or exclusive, giving you the opportunity to go on a date without formally calling it one. They'll be flattered that you wanted to be seen with them, and it's a great chance to get to know each other one-on-one.


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'I think it's about time we hung out one-on-one.'

Geminis are the social butterflies of the zodiac, sometimes floating from friend group to friend group, and chances are that, unless you're already quite close, most of your time together has been spent in a group setting with other friends and acquaintances. Obviously, that's not the best way to really get to know someone—especially someone you might like—so why not suggest something more intimate to see if the sparks fly?


'Sorry, I was busy taking over the world.'

Clinginess is the ultimate turnoff to Gemini, so you may not always want to respond to their texts right away—even if you've been waiting all day for them to get back to you. We know it's hard, but try to give it some time. When you finally do, use this apology to let them know you've got your own big stuff going on. After all, Gemini loves independence.


'What do you think about this outfit?'

Gemini loves sharing their opinions almost as much as they like cute people in great clothes, so indulge them with both using this text. The next time you take an incredible selfie in something totally eye-catching, shoot it over to the Gemini in your life and give them the chance to react. Not only can you show off your unique style and the things that make you different to everyone else, but you give them an opening to gab and compliment you. It's basically a win-win for everyone involved.


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'That's for me to know and for you to find out…'

Since Gemini is prone to boredom, you don't want to be a completely open book with them from the get-go. Instead, it helps if you can maintain a bit of mystery about yourself and keep some surprises up your sleeve. It's not that you're playing games. Rather, you're making them earn your trust and, therefore, everything there is to know about you. They'll figure you out once they're willing to dig a little deeper.


'They say there are two sides to every Gemini. I'd like to get to know both of yours.'

There's a good reason the sign of Gemini is symbolized by twins: Sometimes, it can feel like a Gemini is two completely different people crammed in one. If you've noticed the unique facets of the Gemini that has your heart, it might be time to explore them both, and being straightforward is one way to get there. Be open and allow them to get comfortable with sharing all of their sides with you with no judgment.


'Tell me more!'

Gemini can be a bit of a rambler on occasion, and while they're great communicators who can keep people engaged for a long time, everyone has their limits. While their closest friends are probably sick of hearing about their favorite things by now, you might find that you're still totally fascinated. Let them know it and encourage them to rant and rave about their topic of choice to learn about their passions as well as endear them to you.


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'I think you're cute. When can you hang out?'

Gemini is as straightforward as it gets, and when it comes to dating, they also like people to be upfront with them. Of course it can be scary to get your feelings out in the open, but it's also the best way to let Gemini know you're serious about them. It might be the key to finding out Gemini has a crush on you, too, and even if they've never thought about you in that way before, they might appreciate the honesty. The very worst that can happen is that they don't reciprocate your feelings, which stings, but also gives you the opportunity to move on to someone who will like you back.


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