Here's How to Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows EVERY Time, According to Instagram

We'll be first to admit that our eyebrows aren't always on point.

That said, they can definitely be improved with a little help from your fave app. Scroll below for Instagram's best tips and tricks to shape your brows perfectly every single time.


1. Bust Out the Clear Brow Gel

Believe us when we say clear brow gel is your BFF. A great gel will set, define and hold your brows in place long after the sun goes down. It instantly gives them a fuller look you won't even believe until you see. Watch the magic below. 


2. Bring on the Brow Pencil

We're going to keep it real here for a second and say penciling in our brows is not ever an easy task. We either end up looking like Ursula or Brooke Shields, there is no in between. This IG hack is the perfect solution as it shows you how to draw in the best shape every single time.


3. Use the Napkin Trick

If you haven't heard of the napkin trick, prepare to be amazed. Razor sharp brows are just a swipe away when you brush and blend out your chosen brow filler over the hard edge of a napkin. Watch the magic below.


4. Go Bold With Brow Balm

A thicker and more pigmented gel, brow balm is for those nights you want a seriously bold look. Apply sparingly though, things can go from zero to 60 real quick if you don't use a light hand.


5. Use Brow Shadow

Yes, using eyeshadow to fill in your brows is totally a thing. We would be jealous we didn't think of it first, but we definitely need the below video to show us exactly how that works. It's not quite as striking as other options, but totally works for school days.


Now that your brows are IG-ready, peep THIS nail polish that was also made to catch eyes on the app!