These Comfy Padded Panties Are Specially Designed to Help You Ditch Pads and Tampons

Periods are awful as it is, but an added layer of discomfort gets thrown in the mix when you involve pads and tampons.

Not only can the products themselves be awkward or ill-fitting to wear (especially the first few times you get your period), but each cycle is different, so you have zero way of knowing if one will bring you a heavier flow than the last. This can lead to leaks, meaning stained underwear and clothing, and worse—embarrassing moments. That's where Modibodi comes into play.

A rep for the brand reached out about reviewing a couple of their products in celebration of Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28. I certainly had nothing like this in my underwear collection, so I happily obliged.

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The Products

I was sent a pair of traditional Modibodi underwear and a pair of RED by Modibodi boy shorts, which are designed with teens in mind. RED is made from breathable cotton and a special patented technology. Depending on your flow, it's supposed to replace pads, liners and tampons (but you should always have a few on hand in case!). The RED boy shorts are way cute. They're fun and colorful, and by no means scream to the universe that you're wearing "period pants." 

Each boy short comes with moderate-heavy protection, equaling two to three tampons, or three teaspoons of flow. There are seven styles to choose from and four sizes. The brand also carries period-proof swimwear and several styles of underwear, which meet the same qualifications as the boy shorts. Undies and boy shorts are each $23.50 a pair, which is a steal, compared to the racked-up costs of pads and tampons.

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The Experience

While the items are pretty straightforward, of course I was confused. Does this provide added protection? Or do I wear as is? I decided to go the extra safe route and wear for added protection.

My cramps have gotten worse over the years, making it difficult to slip into tight pants or thong underwear without feeling added discomfort. I felt an immediate sense of relief and relaxation when I put on my Modibodi pairs. I wore the boy shorts at night and the regular undies during the day, and they sure were comfy. Because my undies were black, I can't tell how much bled through the tampon, but I will say for certain, nothing from the undies bled into my sweats.

The cleaning process is super simple. It's basically the way I clean my standard underwear mid-period anyway. Modibodi requires a cold water rinse, followed by washing machine care, and then air-dry.

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Bottom Line

I wish I'd realized prior to publication that the undies are in place of added protection, but it's a relief to know now, since I happen to be out of tampons and dread trips to the grocery store just for the sake of those purchases.

I'm extremely impressed with the comfort and ease of the undies. There are no fancy frills or required effort. The padding is built-in, meaning all you need to do is slip these bad boys on and let them work their magic. Because you can't see the padding, you can also wear these as spare loungewear if you're just hanging out in your room or having a casual day in sweats and want to avoid the lesser cozy options.

While the price seems a little steep for one pair of panties, you also have to consider how much you're saving on feminine care products—and therefore, helping the environment. Oh, and to reiterate the above, they're cute! So, all in all, there's really nothing negative I can say about Modibodi.

Curious to see if Modibodi is a fit (pun intended!) for you? The brand is offering 15% off to Sweety High readers, with the code SWEETYHIGH15.


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