The Perks of Being Single During the Holidays

If there's something we all know a little too well when it comes to winter, it's that this time of year also means that cuffing season is in full swing.

That means that it perfectly coincides with the holiday season and all of the holiday parties and events that come along with it. This can feel a little harsh for those of us who still remain single through it all, as we can't help but feel a bit, well, cold as we watch our coupled-up friends and family enjoy all the holiday romance.

Before you start thinking that they have it better than you, though, we're here to tell you differently. There's plenty to love about being single, and that doesn't change during the holidays! With that said, let's talk about some of the perks of being single during the holidays (that no one ever really mentions most of the time).

Not Having to Deal With the Awkwardness of Being Around Your Partner's Family

There's a reason that so many people struggle with the pressure of "meeting the parents." It can be super stressful trying to navigate the unique structures of someone else's family, no matter how long you've been dating them. But when you're single, you have zero obligations of being on your best behavior or trying to impress your partner's grandparents while they get to goof off in the corner with their cousins.

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Not Having to Buy a Gift for Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Not only do you get to save your money by not needing to buy a gift for a potential partner, but you also get to save some stress while you're at it. After all, it can be hard to figure out what to get someone, especially if you haven't been dating all that long. When you're single, though? That's more time and money to spend on your other loved ones, or just on yourself.


Getting to Make More Memories With Family and Friends

Being single means you don't need to worry about balancing your time between your partner and your family and friends, which means you have way more time to create meaningful memories with the people that really matter. After all, at this age, there's always a chance that a relationship won't last for the long run anyway, but that's something that doesn't even need to cross your mind and you live your life the way you want to over the holidays.

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Having the Potential to Meet Someone New

The holiday season means holiday parties and events galore, and that means that you just might stumble upon someone who strikes your eye more than the fireworks on NYE. No mistletoe required, it's just fun to have the potential of meeting someone new during this ultra-cozy time of year.


All in all, being single isn't a bad thing no matter what time of year it may be. But especially during the holidays, there are plenty of perks to embrace. And if you need some more things to love about it, click HERE to check out our list of fun fall activities you can try with or without a date.