The Perks of Being Single on Valentine's Day

With Christmas and New Year's now behind us, there's one big holiday that's coming up quickly on the horizon.

If the heart-shaped candy boxes and pink and red colors you're suddenly seeing everywhere didn't give it away yet, we're talking about Valentine's Day. While there's a lot to love about this day that's all about celebrating, well, love, it can feel a little less sweet and perhaps a bit more sickening if you're single on the day. After all, we're bombarded with images of happy couples, you've already heard your coupled-up friends talk about their plans what feels like a million times and, if you're still in school, you'll no doubt have to deal with the sight of seeing people carry around the most obnoxiously adorable gifts through the halls all day long.

Despite all of this, however, it's not all negativity when it comes to being single on Valentine's Day—in fact, there are actually quite a number of perks! While you may not hear about these often, we're here to pull back the curtain and help you feel great about being single on Valentine's Day with this list.

1. You Don't Have to Buy Anyone a Gift

Your friends in relationships right now are probably stressing hard about what to get their respective partners, especially since it can be a tough situation to navigate depending on the length of the relationship. You, on the other hand? You get to sit back, relax and save your money to spend on the real most important person in your life: You.


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2. You Can Focus on Your Galentines

With all the emphasis on Valentine's Day and celebrating romantic love, it's time to show some extra love to the ever-as-important holiday that is Galentine's Day. Even if you don't technically do anything for the day itself (it's February 13th, by the way), being single means you get to focus all your attention on celebrating the platonic relationships in your life. In all honesty, we'd argue that when you're young, these are actually the relationships that matter most, anyway. So get your group together and celebrate however you choose, no defining the relationship required.


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3. You Won't Be Disappointed by Someone Else's Lack of Effort

Few things feel worse when you're in a relationship than the person you're dating slacking in terms of effort, especially for special occasions. And while Valentine's Day might not be as major as a birthday or even an anniversary, it can still sting if you're expecting some form of gesture only to be left downright disappointed. Whether they forgot to make a dinner reservation or got you a gift that they clearly grabbed from CVS on their way to meet you, things like this can happen—but not if you're single! Forget the overpriced prix fixe menus and gifts that don't live up to the hype, as you don't have to worry about any of it.


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4. You Can Still Enjoy All the Good Parts

Just because you're not in a relationship doesn't mean you can't still appreciate the parts of Valentine's Day that everyone loves, whether that be the fanciful fest of rom-coms or just the clearance candy when the day is finally done.


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5. Because Being Single is Low-Key Great

In case no one told you yet (probably because it isn't as popular of an opinion as "you'll find someone when you stop looking" or other bad advice about love), being single is highly underrated. In fact, we'd say it's actually pretty great! You get to focus on yourself, your friendships, your academic/professional career and whatever else matters most to you outside of just feeling the need to have a partner, and that freedom tastes sweeter than the Reese's hearts you'll be eating for the rest of February.


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