Everyone Who's Perpetually Single Will Relate to These Truths

Oh, the single life.

Some experience it every so often, others never do. Then there are the few of us who have been single since birth.

Does that happen to be you? If so, you'll relate to these truths about being perpetually single.

1. Your family members always ask about your relationship status. Sadly, you never have an update. Unless being in a relationship with Netflix counts.

2. After they ask if you're single, they move on to questioning why you're single. They point out all of your positive attributes, wondering why the right person hasn't come along yet. You wish you had the answer, too, but you don't.

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3. Everyone is quick to give you unsolicited relationship advice, because they're convinced they're an expert. At this point, you've heard it all.

4. You regularly take quizzes that tell you why you're single or when you'll meet your soulmate. For some reason, you always get mixed results. Not helpful!

5. The closest you've come to a date is watching your fave TV characters go out together.

6. You live vicariously through everyone else's relationships. Whether it's your friends, family members, fave celeb or TV couple, you've become way too invested in their affairs.

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7. Whenever you go out with your friends, you're always the third wheel. It's become your dedicated place in your crew. At this point, you're so unfazed by it that you don't even notice until someone else points it out.

8. On the bright side, you've become comfortable doing things by yourself. Your independence just keeps growing and growing.

9. But whenever you see a cute couple when you're by your lonesome, you're quick to pull some sort of disgusted face. You've never mastered the art of hiding your jealousy over people in love.

Kristen Wiig as Cinderella in an SNL sketch

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10. You used to daydream about falling in love, but now it actually terrifies you. You're so used to being single, that you wouldn't know how to act in a relationship.

11. You're pretty convinced you'll be single forever. Like you're positive you'll encounter a flying pig before you meet your soulmate.

12. There's always that one serial monogamist friend who will complain about how they're going to die alone after one of their relationship ends. Yet they've found a new S.O. no less than two weeks after their last one ended. Why is it so easy for some people?

Regina George crying after Aaron Samuels broke up with her

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13. When you start crushing on someone, it's a huge deal. All you do is obsess over them day and night. The only problem is you likely won't make a move. You're way too scared of rejection.

14. You know you need to put yourself out there more, but that's also way too scary. The right person will come along eventually, right?

15. At the end of the day, you're actually kind of happy being single. You get to avoid a ton of unnecessary relationship drama your friends endure and you get to live your life however you deem fit. What could be better than that?

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Happen to know a serial monogamist? They'll definitely relate to THESE truths about always being in relationships.