What Your Favorite Type of Weather Says About You

The type of weather you love most isn't just a preference. It might also reveal a thing or two about your personality.

Whether you like things sunny, cloudy or downright stormy, scroll down to your favorite type of weather below to find out if we got yours right.


If you love sunny days above all others, chances are you have a bright, cheery disposition. You're extroverted and love spending days outdoors, and you're all about nature, sea and sand. You have an adventurous attitude and are invigorated by the opportunity to try new things and see new sights. You've never minded the heat, and are much more comfortable in shorts and dresses than stuffy coats. You crave freedom, and the sunshine feels like your ticket to your independence.


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Those who prefer cloudy days over sunny ones tend to be quiet and thoughtful, preferring peaceful strolls and simple time with friends over epic quests. You're relatively laidback, taking things as they come and rolling with the punches. You have a strong sense of humor, but you don't always share what's on your mind unless you think it's important. You sometimes don't react well to having too much pressure placed on you, but you always manage to deal with your burdens and figure things out in the end.



People who love windy days most of all are free spirits who follow their own paths in life. You never mind a messy head of hair because it usually means you're living your best life. Whether you love to stand against the wind or just hear it rattle and whoosh against your windows, you're someone who seeks your own personal truth. Others may try to shower you with life advice, but you usually ignore it because you know you'll find your way.


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If you adore foggy days, you love the mysteriousness of the fog and the coolness of condensation against your skin. You're probably an indoor person who loves days when you don't have anywhere to go and you're free to spend some quiet time alone reflecting and thinking about the world. You like spooky stories and learning all about the supernatural, as well as the metaphysical. You believe there's more to life than meets the eye, and you hope to reveal it to the world someday.



Lovers of rainy days tend to be people who see the glass as half-full. You're an optimist who can make the best out of any situation, and you have a strong appreciation for nature and wildlife. Whether you prefer splashing around in puddles or listening to the pitter-patter of rain on the roof, you never let a little water prevent you from celebrating your day. After all, the rain gives you a sense of renewal and makes you feel like anything is possible.


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If you love stormy days consisting of rain, wind and maybe even a bit of thunder and lightning, you're a homebody who'd rather curl up under a blanket with a good book (or your favorite Netflix show) than go out. You love the sound of crackling thunder and the excitement of the occasional lightning strike, and you prefer to enjoy them from the safety of your home. The more hectic things get outside, the safer and cozier home feels to you.


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