These Personalized Brands Are All About Your Unique Beauty Needs

Sorry Sephora shoppers, personalized beauty brands are taking over.

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The days of stressing about which beauty products will work best for you and struggling to make time to head into the store are over. Now, there are personalized beauty subscriptions that deliver products unique to your individual needs right to your door!

Scroll below to learn more about some of our favorite personalized beauty brands.

Curology: $19.95/month

Curology is all about skincare. Struggling with acne? No problem! Need to brighten up your dark spots? They've got you covered. All it takes is answering a few questions about your general skincare needs and uploading a makeup-free selfie. After providing the required information, you are assigned a personal provider who puts together a custom tube of prescription strength ingredients with your name on the bottle. After that, you receive a new bottle every month and your personal provider is always available to answer any questions or help with new skincare needs. If you're wary of giving it a try, they also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, just in case it's not everything you dreamed it would be.


Function of Beauty: $36/month

Function of Beauty offers shampoos and conditioners crafted to your exact wants and needs. Before you receive your first set, you complete a hair profile on their website. The profile asks basic questions about the current state of your hair and your top five hair goals. You are then able to pick the color and fragrance of your shampoo, as well as the size of the bottle and how often you would like to receive it. You can choose a one-time delivery, or a subscription for every 1-3 months, dependent on your hair needs. They also offer a refund within the first 30 days, so taking a chance on a new haircare system isn't too much of a gamble.


DERMACARE: $20/month

DERMACARE is all about providing prescription strength products that will fix all of your individual skincare needs. Much like Curology, you fill out a profile, snap a picture of your face and are automatically assigned a physician who can diagnose your skin condition and prescribe treatments that are unique to you. Unlike Curology, you can choose to invest in a monthly bottle of nighttime ointment, a moisturizer that is geared towards keeping your skin beautiful all day long, or both. If you feel your prescription isn't exactly right, re-formulations and refills are free with your monthly subscription.

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Prescriptives: $78

Unlike other items on this list, Prescriptives doesn't offer an automatic refill subscription service. However, they fix the problem of foundation that doesn't exactly match your skin tone by first developing a Beauty Print. This Beauty Print outlines the specific shades and undertones of your skin, allowing you to create a foundation that is an exact match to your unique skin color. You are able to video chat with an expert on the Prescriptives website who will walk you through all of your foundation options. After you pick the hue, coverage, finish and skincare options, a personalized bottle of perfectly matched foundation is delivered right to your door!

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Birchbox: $10/month

A less expensive option, Birchbox offers a monthly box delivery of five beauty samples. Unlike the other products on this list, the samples are not exactly customized to your individual beauty needs. Instead, Birchbox allows you to fill out an extensive profile on your skin, hair, and makeup needs and delivers ready-made products that align with your beauty goals. The products are sample-sized, but they are all available for full-size purchase on the Birchbox website. The draw of this subscription service is the ability to narrow down the products that might work for you based on your needs, and test them out before you commit to a full-size purchase.

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MatchCo: $49

Much like Prescriptives, MatchCo is focused on delivering a foundation that perfectly matches the hue of your skin. However, if you are feeling a bit shy about needing to chat with a beauty expert to find your perfect shade, MatchCo is the option for you. Instead of a face-to-face chat with an expert, MatchCo uses an app that allows you to scan parts of your skin, analyzes your shade and undertones from the pictures, and delivers a bottle named after you in no time. MatchCo does not offer an automatic refill prescription, but the app technology allows you to re-scan your skin at any time, allowing you to capture your perfect hue all year long!

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