These Amazing Personalized Gifts Are Sure to Impress Even the Pickiest Recipients

Whether you're shopping for the person who has everything, or just someone super picky, the holidays can be a tricky time.

No one wants to give boring gifts, or accidentally buy them the exact same thing as someone else, and that's where personalized gifts come in. We love presents with a custom touch because they're unique as well as thoughtful. After all, who doesn't love something made just for them? If you're looking for some one-of-a-kind ideas that will both surprise and delight, keep scrolling to discover our favorite personalized gifts this year.

Ravensburger Photo Jigsaw Puzzles: $38.99+

Why get the puzzle fan in your life any old jigsaw puzzle when you can get them one that'll bring a happy tear to their eye? Ravensburger allows customers to upload their own most sentimental images to be printed on puzzles from 24 pieces all the way up to 2000 pieces, the results are sure to stun. We had the chance to try out the process ourselves, and it was so easy to upload our image, design the layout and customize the box. The puzzle arrived about a week after placing the order looking even better than we could have imagined—complete with stunning blue paperboard backing. You can even use the discount count SWEETYHIGH20 for 20% off your photo puzzle order through Dec. 9. The brand recommends ordering before Nov. 30 to get yours in time for the holidays, so don't wait too long to act.

Ravensburger photo puzzles

(via Ravensburger)


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Soulmate Customs Embroidery Sweatshirt: $57.99

We'll be the first to admit that photo sweatshirts of precious moments aren't always the most stylish. If you're looking to immortalize an important event on an actually cute piece of clothing, we have to recommend the adorable options from Soulmate Customs. They'll turn your favorite photos into eye-catching line art and put it on everything from prints and jewelry to accessories, decor and more, but their sweatshirts have to be our favorites.

soulmates customs sweatshirt

(via Soulmate Customs)


Well Told Hometown Map Candle: $29.95

Know someone who comes from a tiny town no one has ever heard of? Chances are they've never seen merchandise representing their beloved hometown, which is precisely where Well Told comes in. They'll take any town and turn its map into an artistic pattern to be placed on everything from drinkware and kitchen accessories to homeware. Right now, we're infatuated with their candles, available in seven scents to suit whoever you're gifting to this year.

well told custom milwaukee candle

(via Well Told)


Talia Sari Custom Map Ring: $139+

If you're willing to spend a little more on a custom accessory that your giftee will never forget, Talia Sari's personalized jewelry has you covered. They also make pieces based on maps, but specialize in one-of-a-kind cut-out plated brass necklaces, earrings, brooches, tie clips and rings highlighting the locations of favorite memories and more. Each piece is handmade to your specifications, with check-ins for approval at each step. While we're sure both you and the person receiving the gift will be thrilled with the results no matter what you order, we've checked out the ring, and we're in love with it.

Talia sari custom map ring

(via Talia Sari)


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West Angel Custom Chain Angel Numbers Necklace: $55

West Angel has long been our go-to for stylish and edgy necklaces with custom names and birthdates, but their Custom Chain Angel Numbers Necklace is really speaking to us this holiday season. Whether you know someone whose angel numbers are a classic like 11:11 or 777, or a more unusual and personal string of numbers, you can customize this necklace with up to six digits, as well as selecting between chain lengths and styles, and gold and silver.

west angel custom angel numbers necklace

(via West Angel)


Birthdate Co. Birthdate Candle: $49.99

For the friend who loves astrology and burning deliciously scented candles, you really can't go wrong with a Birthdate Candle from Birthdate Co. Each and every day of the year has its own unique candle, with a custom scent as well as all kinds of fascinating information about the sign and the personality traits that go along with that specific date. We've found that people tend to love the scents assigned to them—which makes sense!

birthdate candles front and back

(via Birthdate Co.)


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Modern Picnic The Pet Portrait Luncher: $249

Modern Picnic doesn't just make the most fashionable, grown-up lunch bags we've ever seen, but they also offer customization options just for devoted pet parents. This option doesn't come cheap, but every penny goes into the quality, from the incredible bag, with its vegan leather exterior and insulated interior, to the hand-painted pet portrait, created based on the pet image you share when you order.

modern picnic pet portrait luncher

(via Modern Picnic)


Island to East Side Half Fold Over: $$188+

Know someone who can't stand having the same bag as someone else? With Island to East Side's chic, customizable bags and accessories, you can gift a one-of-a-kind piece that will stand out in any crowd. Our favorite option is this Half Fold Over clutch, a sleek beaded lightweight item that comes in 45 color options, with five fonts to choose from and up to 15 characters to make it perfect for the person you have in mind.

Island to East Side Half Fold Over

(via Island to East Side)


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