Here's the Step-by-Step Process Behind Making Fabulous Custom Pet Products With Pet Canva

There are some people who are just so inseparable from their pets that you really can't think of one without thinking of the other. Many times, nothing puts a bigger smile on their faces than cute gifts that incorporate their furry companions.

My mother-in-law is one of those people. She's rarely seen without her beloved Boston terrier, Horace, at her side, and any kind of gift that incorporates Boston terriers or Horace's funny mug itself always crack her up.

So when the team behind Pet Canva, a company that creates cute products of all types printed with the custom images of adored pets, reached out to me and asked if I'd want to try out the experience for myself, I knew I had to give it a shot. They supplied me with a coupon code for Pet Canva, and I got to exploring all of my delightful options.

The Brand

Pet Canva is a brand dedicated to helping people show off the bonds they have with their pets through products printed with one-of-a-kind custom art of their animal pals. Customers send a favorite pic of their pet to have transformed into unique art, before the art is approved and finally transferred to the product of their choice.

Pet Canva features everything from fleece and sherpa blankets to mugs, wrapped canvases, phone cases, puzzles, hoodies, towels and so much more. I opted for one of their Custom Pet Sherpa Blankets, which sells for $99.95 (including standard shipping) for the twin/full size with one pet featured.


The Process

I didn't have to explore the Pet Canva website for long before I knew what I wanted to order, because Horace loves sherpa blankets, and I figure he's probably going to be the one nestled up under the blanket most. Once I clicked on the Custom Pet Sherpa Blanket page, Pet Canva gave me a few options. I opted for the twin/full-sized blanket (60 by 50 inches) for $99.95, but I also had the choice to upgrade to a king size for $30 more. While I only planned to include one pet, they also gave me the option to have two or three pets on the blanket for an additional $7 each.

Here, I also had the option to preview backgrounds, though I wouldn't be able to select an actual background for the blanket until later in the process. Background categories include Color Patterns, Geometric, Pop Culture and more. I was immediately drawn to the "Munchies" category since Horace is a very food-driven pup, but I left that final decision for later. Lastly, I just had to upload a favorite pic of Horace. The pic was actually taken specifically for the blanket to get the lighting just right.

Horace reference photo

From there, I added the blanket purchase to my cart, made my purchase, and instantly received an email confirmation telling me I'd get another email once the art was ready for approval. It also gave me information on logging into the Pet Canva dashboard for checking the status of my order.

The following morning, my Pet Canva artwork was already available for me to review when I checked my email in the morning. It was exactly as cute as I'd hoped, and perfectly captured Horace's face and demeanor. I couldn't have been happier with the art, and though it took me a couple of days to finally make a decision about what background I should order, I finally landed on a silly taco print and confirmed my order.

Pet Canva final image preview

I got another email when it was being packaged, and yet another to let me know it was out for delivery, and it arrived at my doorstep that very day. All in all, the process took eight days, from first making my purchase to having the blanket in hand—and that was with standard delivery.

And better yet, the blanket came out precisely as it should have. The artwork looked great, especially blown up to its large size on the blanket, and he contrasted well against the taco background. Plus, the texture of the blanket was phenomenal. It's made out of 100% polyester fleece, with a soft, smooth knit texture on the image side, and a fluffy, fleecy texture on the underside. I've taken it out a few times to admire it—and I think it's going to make quite the splash when it's finally gifted come Mother's Day.

Pet Canva printed blanket with Horace


Bottom Line

Pet Canva is definitely going to be a little pricier than gifting a generic mug, blanket or mouse pad featuring an animal that might bear a passing resemblance to a loved one's pet, but the customized aspect is practically priceless. After all, what's better than seeing your pet on an appliance or piece of decor?

Not only are the end results totally fabulous, but the process is a breeze, too—though I do wish there were more background choices for someone who wants a more serious-looking pet product. If there'any part of the process that has any added steps, it's that you need both your order number and email address to log into your dashboard. At the same time, I can see how that is good for privacy and not spoiling gifts for nosy recipients. I'd highly recommend Pet Canva to anyone who can't get enough of their pets, or knows someone who feels the same.


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