The Ultimate Pet Gift Guide for Every Type of Animal

With all the holiday shopping you have to do, it's easy to forget one of the most important beings on your list—your pet!

This is why we're here to make sure you remember to get a little present for them.

Whether you own a cat, dog, hamster or snake, we've got a gift for every type of animal.

Taco Sauce Cat Toy Set: $34.95

These organic catnip-filled toys will leave your feline entertained for hours. Want to know the best part about this set, though? It comes with a complimentary sombrero for your furry little friend!

Taco sauce cat toy set

(via Etsy)


Window Cat Perch: $22.49

Your kitty will have a much easier time getting some Vitamin D with the help of this handy-dandy window perch.

Window cat perch

(via Petco)


Teepee Cat Bed: $58.98

How can you pass up gifting your kitty cat with an adorable bed like this?! If only we were small enough to fit in this teepee, too.

Teepee cat bed

(via Etsy)


Squeaky Cannoli Dog Toy: $8

If your dog's current toy has been chewed to bits, then look no further than this squeaky cannoli right here.

Squeaky cannoli dog toy

(via Etsy)


Double Cheeseburger-Flavored Dog Biscuits: $10.97

Because it isn't wise to feed your canine an actual double cheeseburger, might as well give 'em the next best thing—these treats. You can even customize the packaging to feature a photo of your very own Fido.

Double cheeseburger-flavored dog biscuits

(via Real Dogs)


Personalized Dog Collar: $18.99

Collars go through plenty of wear and tear, so there's no better time than now to get your pup a brand new collar personalized with their info.

Personalized dog collar

(via PetSmart)


SpongeBob Squarepants Pineapple Home Aquatic Ornament: $6.49

For the little fishy in your life, decorate their plain ol' bowl with a replica of SpongeBob Squarepants' pineapple home. We're positive they'll love it!

SpongeBob Squarepants pineapple home aquarium accessory

(via Petco)


R2 Fish School Complete Training Kit: $29

Football, basketball, soccer—you name the sport, you can train your fish to play it with this helpful kit.

Fish training kit

(via Amazon)


Globe Fish Bowl: $14.99

Give your fish the opportunity to venture around the globe from the comfort of its own home with this world map fishbowl.

Globe fish bowl

(via PetSmart)


Small Animal Carrier: $16.99 – $19.99

Walking a mouse or hamster is nearly impossible, but you can take them for a walk around the block in the small animal carrier. Same goes for bunnies and even ferrets.

Small animal carrier

(via PetSmart)


Pineapple Small Animal Hideaway: $5.39

Mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit or other small animal will have the time of their life lounging in this pineapple hideaway.

Pineapple small animal hideaway

(via Petco)


12. Critter Cruiser Small Animal Toy: $19.99

This is as much a toy for you as it is for your tiny critter. Vroom vroom!

Critter cruiser small animal toy

(via PetSmart)


Leaf Reptile Water Dish: $5.39

Sipping water from a large leaf, your reptile will feel more like they're in their natural habitat than ever before.

Leaf reptile water dish

(via PetSmart)


Mayan Cave Reptile Hideaway: $8.24

Your snake or lizard needs a sanctuary for when they want to rest or just hide from the world. And there's no reason it shouldn't be this Mayan cave hideaway.

Mayan cave reptile hideaway

(via Petco)


Reptile Terrarium Misting System: $99.99

This item is a bit on the pricey side, but it's totally worth the splurge. An automatic misting system, this item will keep your reptile hydrated at all hours of the day. No need to worry about them when you're not home, because the machine does all the work for you!

Reptile terrarium automatic misting system

(via PetSmart)


Basketball Bird Toy: $4.19

Forget Steph Curry, your feathered friend may just be the next great basketball star.

Basketball bird toy

(via Petco)


Bird Cage: $39.99

If your bird's current cage is looking a little rundown, you may want to invest in a new home as their holiday gift. This one's super cute and not too expensive.

White bird cage

(via PetSmart)


Bird Cage Cloth Cover: $16.99

When it's time for bed, toss this over your bird's cage so they don't keep you up all night. They'll get a good night's sleep and so will you. Win-win!

Bird cage multi-colored cloth cover

(via PetSmart)


There's no shame in shopping for yourself, while you're searching for gifts for your pet. If you're a feline fanatic, we think you'll love THESE cat-inspired items.