Definitive Ranking of the Best Pet Influencer Halloween Costumes

Do you know the best part about Halloween?

It's not the candy, the ability to show off your creativity or the fun of seeing other people in costume. No, sir. The best part of Halloween is definitely the pet costumes. Nothing is cuter or sweeter than seeing an adorable animal in costume. Point blank, period.

If you don't have your own pet to dress up this Halloween, you can still take advantage of this holiday's best tradition. Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of the best pet influencer Halloween costumes, from cute to drop-dead adorable.

10. Waffles the Cat

Waffles the Cat is always sporting a new look, which is why last year's Halloween costume was a bit of a let down. This fluffy cat simply threw on a lion mane and called it a day. He looks absolutely adorable, but we were expecting a bit more out of this creative pet influencer.

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9. Nala Cat

Nala the Cat isn't known for her commitment to cute costumes. Still, she did don this colorful unicorn ensemble last Halloween. The rainbow hair and sparkles really bring out her eyes. Sadly, it takes more than a simple hat to stand out in the competitive world of pet influencers. Sorry, Nala.

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8. Bodhi

Bodhi, also known as Menswear Dog, always looks sharp. In fact, he might just be the most stylish pup on Instagram. On Halloween, he took his style to a whole new level by giving us his own version of the Karate Kid. There's only one problem—he's dressed to the nines every day, so we almost didn't recognize this as a Halloween costume!

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7. Jiff Pom

Jiff Pom can always be found sporting one cute ensemble or another. Thankfully, this pup's Halloween get-up was no different. She went all-out nerd on us and donned her best Chewbacca outfit. Her cute, happy face doesn't even begin to pull off a Wookiee look, but we're giving her 10 points for adorableness.

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6. Doug the Pug

Instagram's favorite smushy-faced boy took a scarier approach to last year's Halloween costume. Adorable Doug the Pug tripled his cuteness by dressing up like a three-headed dog. Unfortunately, his face is just too darn cute to be that scary, but we appreciate the creativity.

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5. Juniper the Fox

Juniper is such a good boy. Er, fox, we mean. Although this unlikely pet shares her Instagram fame with several other friendly animals, Juniper was the sole star of last year's Halloween post. That ensemble, that pose, that wink—it's all perfection.

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4. Marnie the Dog

Marnie the Dog has made quite a name for herself in the Instagram world. Her signature floppy tongue is her stand out identifier, even in her pirate-themed Halloween costume. We love this look on Marnie, especially the long flowing locks of dark hair. She may not have been able to move much in this outfit, but at least she looked cute.


3. Manny the Frenchie

Last year, Instagram's most famous bulldog decided to mimic one of his own furry heroes for Halloween. Manny the Frenchie went full Snoopy with his October look, and we're obsessed with it. He's just missing a Charlie Brown.

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2. Tuna

Tuna is quite the unique pup. And a unique pup needs a standout Halloween costume. Last year, Tuna definitely delivered. Just look at this gorgeous mermaid. We almost forget it was Tuna hiding under there! All we can say is thank you, Tuna. Thank you for gracing us with this effortlessly beautiful look.

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1. Popeye the Foodie

Cutie pie Popeye is the resident foodie of the pet influencer world. This high-class pup has some high-class tastes, and his Halloween costume is no exception. He dressed up as the one and only Charlie Chaplin, complete with mustache and eyebrows. We have to give some major props to the creativity shown here, but also to the costume's perfect wearer. What other pup will sit still through makeup and a photoshoot and still come out looking flawless?

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