Magical Disney's Peter Pan Quotes to Use as Instagram Captions

1953'animated Peter Pan film is an undisputed classic that remains beloved all these decades later, and thanks to Disney+, it's currently being rediscovered by a whole new generation of fans.

Yes, there are some things in the film no longer considered—ahem—culturally appropriate, but the core message and heart of the movie remain, and that's what we've always related to.

Whether you've always loved Peter Pan or you're a brand new fan, keep reading to discover our favorite quotes from the film to use as Instagram captions.

For the pic of you huddled up with family for storytime:

"I came to listen to the stories."

-Peter Pan

Peter Pan: Peter taking Wendy's hand at window

(Peter Pan via RKO Pictures)


For exaggerating about your latest misadventures:

"We had such a wonderful time! Well, except when we were kidnapped."

-Wendy Darling


For when thinking happy thoughts and staying optimistic has gotten you everywhere:

"Now, think of the happiest things, it's the same as having wings."

-"You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!"

Peter Pan: Peter and Darling Family Flying

(Peter Pan via RKO Pictures)


For the pic of you in a place that is a total mismatch for your vibe:

"This ain't no place for a respectable pirate."

-Mr. Smee


For when a little glitter takes your look to the next level:

"All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. Dust!"

-Peter Pan


For that pic of you looking your most sarcastic:

"Goodness gracious, whatever shall we do?"

-Mr. Darling


For your photo showcasing the gorgeous night sky:

"Second star to the right and straight on till morning."

-Peter Pan


For proclaiming that you'll be true to your word:

"Captain Hook never breaks a promise."

-Captain Hook

Peter Pan: Captain Hook

(Peter Pan via RKO Pictures)


For the side-by-side pic of you now versus then:

"I'm warning you—once you're grown up you can never come back."

-Peter Pan


For that beautiful moment that gave you déjà vu:

"All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again."



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