This New Makeup Line Will Have You Embracing Your Inner L.A. Girl

If pink is your fave color and you live for some serious shimmer, guess what? I've found your new dream makeup line!

Petite 'n Pretty, launched earlier this month by Sam Cutler, is a collection of highlighters, liquid glitter, glosses and shadows that are perfect for the girly-girl who wants to let her glowy, inner-SoCal self shine through.

The Products & Experience

I received samples of the line, which are appropriately packaged with palm tree designs and product names like 9021-glow!

Prepping for a birthday party over the weekend, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to put these eye-catching shades to the test. I applied Poolside Bling eyeshadow to my lids, Beamer highlighter to my cheeks and Gia Pink gloss to my lips. Because the event was at night, I wanted to give my look an added kick, so I added some dark shadow, liner and mascara (not part of the Petite 'n Pretty collection) to my eyes to make them smokey. Below is how the final look turned out:



Bottom Line

For girls who are inexperienced in the realm of makeup, find comfort in knowing the line's products are dermatologist and pediatrician-approved, they're cruelty-free and they're made with natural ingredients. While you're definitely guaranteed to pop with color from using these items, they're not overwhelmingly bold to the point where you'll feel uncomfortable stepping out wearing makeup for the first time. It's also fun to know that Jordyn Woods, Kandee Johnson and LOREN are major supporters of the line.

Each product is under $35, and, as an added bonus, the floral scent of those shimmers and glosses are sure to have your crush scooting closer to you in math class (jus' saying!).


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