Petsies' Custom-Made Plushes Are Must-Haves for Anyone Who Loves Animals More Than People

In my experience, nothing will bring a smile to a face—or a happy tear to an eye—quite like a custom plush of a beloved pet.

There are certain people who love their furry friends more than anything else in the world, and a Petsies plush might be the most thoughtful and heartfelt gift you can get them. When the team behind the brand reached out to me to ask if I'd be interested in going through the process myself to review Petsies, I just had to say yes—and the results were truly out of this world.

The Brand

Petsies is a unique brand that makes custom-made, one-of-a-kind products inspired by your pets, and while they also make printed pet pillows, felted magnets, printed keychains, custom socks and so much more, their signature item has to be their handmade pet lookalikes, called Petsies Forevers.

Petsies will make stuffed animals of any kind of pet, whether you have something traditional such as a dog, cat or mouse, or something more unusual, like a lizard, fish, cow or anything else. Available in 10-inch and 16-inch sizes, their plushes are entirely handmade, with every piece of fabric both cut and sewn by hand. They use customer-submitted photos to get the details just right, from the color of eyes and noses to every inch of soft polyester fur, chosen to match the coat of your pet. They also use inks and airbrushes for fine detailing and gradients to give them just the right look, and your Petsies plush is delivered after five to 10 weeks.

Petsies currently sell for $199 each, plus shipping, and at the time of this writing, the brand is offering 25% off of all pet plushes.

Petsies brand image

(via Petsies)


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The Experience

The Petsies experience really begins with placing the order online, but lucky for customers, they make the entire thing pretty seamless and simple. I decided to use our oldest family dog, Horace, as the model for this Petsies plush, and from there, the rest was easy.

I started by selecting his pet type (dog) before the website asked me to upload photos. It suggested at least three photos showing him from different angles to showcase any unique markings. I also noted that he has brown eyes and floppy ears, and made a selection to have him seated, rather than standing. There was even a space for notes, so I was sure to include that Horace is on the plumper side and that he usually has a very serious resting face, which is what I'd love to see on the plush. Lastly, I shared Horace's name, his breed (Boston terrier) and my email address, and then it was time to wait!

Horace sample photo for petsies

Exactly a week later, I was notified that Petsies' lead designer had reviewed the images and approved them to be made into a Petsies plush, and three days after that, I got an email sharing that fabric colors were being selected for the design while a designer was crafting the shape of every individual piece that would go into the plush. In another five days, the team alerted me that the pattern was finished and that the team was now on to the cutting process.

From there, it took me a while to hear back. In fact, it took an additional 51 days from the email about cutting the fabric for me to receive a notification that the plush had shipped. I reached out to my contact, who shared that the team started over with Horace's plush, as they wanted to make sure it was as accurate as possible to the images I provided. I didn't mind, because waiting for the best version possible was more than worth it to me, and two days after I got the shipping notification, the plush had arrived at my doorstep.

Petsies plush of Horace

When I took it out of the box, I seriously couldn't stop smiling. I thought the plush's face captured Horace's expression so well, and all of the details, from the distinctive black and white markings on his head and body to the pink on his snout and belly, were picture-perfect.

Closeup of Petsies Horace dog pet face

I had to show my family, too. It was a surprise for them, and they couldn't get over how close the toy looked to Horace. He's also so realistic that my dogs freak out at the sight of him, with the little ones even growling and barking at him because a "strange dog" is on their turf. I couldn't even get a picture of Horace calmly sitting next to his plush because he immediately wants to use it as a chew toy! The results when the Horace plush comes out are always hilarious, and I know he'll be a cherished family heirloom for years to come.

Horace staring down petsies plush


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Bottom Line

Petsies' pet plushes really are adorable, and you can tell from the quality that a lot of time and effort was put into perfecting the designs. At $199, they may seem a little pricey at first, but when you consider everything that goes into them, it's fully worth the cost. I love how streamlined and straightforward the creation process is, and even though I had to wait a bit longer for mine to arrive, it was fully worth it for the results I got.


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