We're in Love With These Plush Versions of Our Fave Insta-Famous Pets

In case you haven't noticed by now, we're a little obsessed with animals.

While the discovery page on other people's Instagram accounts might be full of celebs, beauty trends and fabulous fashions, ours are packed with cute pet stars.

Now, a company called Petsies is immortalizing these famous furry friends in their Petsies Stars line. They sent us a Valentine's Day-themed Marnie and Hamlet the pig so we could see them for ourselves, and they're as cute as we imagined.

The Marnie plush is incredibly fluffy. It can be a little tough to get her fur out of her eyes, but thanks to her long pink tongue, this famous dog is immediately recognizable. Petsies also has a standard Marnie stuffed animal, without the Valentine's heart and big red bow, for every other time of the year.

Marnie the dog Petsies stuffed animal

(via Instagram)

The Hamlet stuffed piggy is special, as she's the only pig on the list. While her pink fur is much shorter than Marnie's, she's just as soft and cuddly. We also love her "Snout Life" baseball cap. It can be a little tough to get her to stand up on her four legs, but that doesn't make her any less sweet.

Hamlet the Pig Petsies stuffed animal

(via Instagram)

In addition to Marnie and Hamlet, the Petsies Stars collection includes Oscar the Frenchie, Reese Lightning the mini dachshund, Blox the bulldog, Meatball the dachshund, Chloe the mini Frenchie and Crusoe the dachshund. We can't speak to their quality, but they're all adorable.

Petsies stars stuffed animals: oscar, reese, blox, meatball, chloe, crusoe

(via Petsies)

Each of the Petsies Stars stuffed animals sell for $29.95 on their website. That can be a bit pricier than your average stuffed animal, but depending on how much you love these pets, it could be worth it.

Petsies also specializes in making custom stuffed animals inspired by your pets. Their Huggables plushes are cuddly stuffed animals, while their Forevers are more detailed, true-to-life versions of your pets. Of course, these custom toys require more love and attention—and cost more, too. They're $199 and $249 respectively, in case you're willing to shell out the big bucks for your beloved pet.


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