Peyton List: What Girl Power Means To Me!

Girl Power is helping others believe they can do anything without limitations! Girls who can recognize their own power are in a better place to create strong, healthy relationships, make positive choices, and inspire others.girl power peyton list

My mom Suzanne is a great example of girl power. She's got a great attitude, strong infectious energy and lives the "I can do anything I put my mind to," approach in life.  I admire her daily resilience.

Recently I visited the Seacrest Studios at Children's Hospital of Orange County. That afternoon, I made new friends with the kids at the hospital. I made a difference in their day and they made a difference in mine.

It's nice to slow down and look at all the beautiful things around you. Sometimes, we're moving too fast and we miss the important things. There are a lot of ways to be empowered, but doing something to help others is one of my favorites.

Stay positive, do the best you can, embrace your mistakes and use them to do better next time. Tell yourself you're great at what you do, work hard, and eventually you'll be the best!

Peyton List is a teen actress best known for her role as Emma Ross on the Disney Channel series Jessie!