Peyton List Is Our Fashion Queen And Woman Crush Wednesday This Week

You probably already know and probably already love Peyton as the way too relatable Emma Ross on one of our favorite Disney Channel shows, Jessie (and now spin-off Bunk'd). She's got everything we want…an insane sense of fashion, good grades, and the perfect amount of sass?. Just like the character she plays on screen, Peyton literally never stops amazing us with her fashion sense, her poise, and her overall talent (what can't she do, seriously?). She might only be seventeen, but UMM, Peyton List is accomplishing BIG things. Of course we had to make Peyton our one and only Woman Crush Wednesday this week!

Peyton List WCW Main Image

Full Name: Peyton Roi List

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Nickname: The Octopus (she got this nickname while playing basketball for being an aggressive defender?)

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Mocha Frappuccino ☕

Favorite Disney Princess: Aurora

Fun Facts:

1. Peyton has a twin brother named Spencer, who's also an actor. He recently guest starred on Peyton's new show, Bunk'dShe also has a little brother named Phoenix. We ❤️ that her family is so tight!

Peyton List and her twin brother Spencer

(via Instagram)

2. She's obsessed with fashion (duh!), and her first word was "shoes"?.

3. She's a supporter of the Girls On the Run organization, which transforms the lives of girls through running, and Cookies for Kids' Cancer, which hosts bake sales ? to raise money for pediatric cancer treatment and research. AMAZING, right??

4. Peyton has had several modeling gigs. And, get this, she modeled with Bella Thorne when they were both toddlers. Minds? A little bit blown.

Bella Thorne and Peyton List Posting Together

(via Instagram)

5. Last year, Peyton was given the opportunity to sing with Ingrid Michaelson on stage at The Greek Theatre. They performed our jam, "I Don't Care," by Icona Pop. What we would have given to be there…

Peyton List and Ingrid Michaelson At The Greek Theater


6. Peyton realized that she absolutely had to be an actress when she saw the Broadway musical Wicked with her mom.

7. She is slightly (and sadly?) allergic to cats, BUT that does not stop her from showing them love. Exhibit A:

Peyton List Tweet About Cats

(via @PeytonList)

8. Peyton has two movies coming out this year! The Outskirts, a comedy also starring Victorius alumni  Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia, and a thriller ? called The Thinning. AHH, we won't feel complete until we see both.


Kinda wishing Peyton was your best friend right now? The feeling is mutual. You have to see the advice she gave us on life and all things girl power HERE.