Logan Paul Tells Us His New Movie The Thinning Is Nothing Short of 'Intense'

The day has finally arrived. The new dystopian thriller film The Thinning, starring Logan Paul and Peyton List, is now streaming on YouTube Red.

Have you seen the trailer? If not, take a peek.

We chatted with The Thinning star Logan Paul, who revealed that this flick is just as "intense" as you'd imagine it to be.

Logan explained that this film takes places in the United States in the apocalyptic future. Earth's natural resources are depleted and overpopulation is a huge crisis. To combat it, the United States issues a standardized high school test that, depending on your score, determines whether you will live or be eliminated.

"I'm like my character Blake Redding in the sense that I'm passionate," Logan told us. "I'm not the most serious guy in the world, so getting to explore that side of me was the most fun part of playing this character."

After Blake fails the test, he discovers it's all a ploy hiding a larger conspiracy. He and Peyton List's character, Laina Michaels, vow to take down the system.

Can you imagine having a test determine whether you'd live or die? And would you pass? Will Blake and Laina succeed in taking down the system? You'll just have to see for yourself by streaming the film now on YouTube Red!


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