Phone Cases We're Obsessing Over at the Moment

When it comes to phone cases, we truly believe you can never have enough.

While most people tend to stick with just one case, we think it can be fun to switch them up every now and then! Whether you have two or 10 you switch between, we love the idea of pairing them with outfits and your mood of the day.

In the market for a new phone case? Keep scrolling for the phone cases we're obsessing over at the moment.


(via Casery)


Wildflower Yee Haw iPhone Case: $37

Whether you're into country music or love the newly resurfaced western style, this Yee Haw case from Wildflower has your name written all over it. The lettering is in the form of a cowboy rope, which is rather genius if you ask us. We're also loving the red stars and cowboy boots, it's so fun and makes us want to go to a rodeo!

phone case

(via Wildflower)


Casery Snakeskin iPhone Case: $32

Once you get over the absolute cuteness of the snake skin print, pay attention to the rest of the perks. Made with top-quality polymers and technology that will help protect your phone, you won't have to worry about cracks or breaks. Plus, the matte finish will ensure your fingerprints aren't constantly on display.

phone case

(via Casery)


Local Heroes Wildflower Tramp Stamp Case: $35

This limited edition piece is one-of-a-kind and downright adorable. The fun tramp stamp-esque pieces of art are eye-capturing and sure to be a conversation-starter. Made with a black rubber bumper, extra screen protection is a guarantee with this phone case. Get your hands on this baby while it's still available!

phone case

(via Local Heroes)


Velvet Caviar Coffee Please Glitter iPhone Case: $30

If you're a coffee-addict, the first thing that crosses your mind every morning is probably a hot cup of Joe. This cute Starbucks-inspired phone case features all the best coffee drinks. But the absolute best part of the case is the glitter factor. Embedded in the case is loose glitter that floats around when the case is moved, a total must for every girly-girl.

phone case

(via Velvet Caviar)


Casery Jelly Fishing iPhone Case: $32

We don't think we'll ever get over our obsession for Spongebob Squarepants, so when we found this cute case featuring Patrick Star, we knew we needed to get our hands on it. Images of Patrick chasing jellyfish adorn the phone case. This is sure to get lots of laughs and likes from your friends.

phone case

(via Casery)


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