What Your Phone's Lockscreen Pic Reveals About Your Personality

How much time did you devote to selecting the lockscreen wallpaper on your phone?

Whether that process took ages or seconds (or you just left it as whatever it was when you took the phone out of the box), that image can reveal a lot about you. Don't believe us? Keep scrolling to find out if your lockscreen matches your personality.

A Default Wallpaper

If your phone's lockscreen is simply one of the default wallpapers that came standard with your phone, you're someone who likes to keep things simple. You tend not to accessorize too much, and you prefer neat, clean lines over gaudy embellishments. You may also be a bit mysterious, with people having to work extra hard to truly get to know you. They should learn to judge you by your actions your words, rather than your appearance alone.


Your Celeb Crush

If your lockscreen is a pic of your celebrity crush, you're someone with big aspirations and romantic sensibilities. You're a daydreamer who'd love to spend time with a famous special someone, and seeing doesn't just make you smile, but also makes you feel like you have potential to do anything. Plus, you don't mind spending a lot of your day gazing at someone who's easy on the eyes.

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A Selfie

If your lock-screen shows off a bold selfie, you're probably very confident in yourself—or at least trying to seem like it. Chances are, you're a connoisseur of fashion and beauty, and you want your appearance to reflect who you are on the inside. You believe firmly in your values and convictions and wish the rest of the world could see the version of you that you're trying to be. When you believe in yourself, you know you can achieve anything.


A Pic With Friends

A lockscreen photo of you sharing a moment with friends is indicative of someone whose inner circle defines their world. You may not exactly be a social butterfly, but around your best friends, you never have to hide your true self. You surround yourself with allies who act as your support system in times of need, and you don't know what you'd do without your friends by your side. Chances are, your DMs are packed with people who truly care about you.


A Pic With Family

If your lockscreen is a pic of you and your family, you who always remembers where you came from. When you're faced with a tough decision, you always consult your family before your friends, and you trust their judgment over your own in a pinch. While your friends might scoff at their parents' advice, you take every word to heart, and are always doing what you can to make them proud.


Your S.O.

Having your significant other's photo as your lockscreen indicates the closeness of your relationship and your desire to be seen as their other half. You love it when someone asks you about the photo because it means you get to gush about the person you adore. When something happens, your partner is the very first person to know about it, and you're likely in constant communication with them. When you're apart, you're basically counting down the minutes until you can be with them again.


A Nature Photo From the Internet

A lockscreen showing a nature photo from the internet usually corresponds with aspirations of travel and seeing the world. You haven't done everything you want to do just yet, but you have plenty of time. An image of an idyllic mountain, verdant forest or serene island scene can temporarily transport you to a different world and completely change your way of thinking. You're an idealist, and there are some big things on the horizon for you.

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A Character You Admire

Those who keep a fictional character they admire as their lockscreens are always striving to be more. Chances are, you like this character because they're clever, or funny, or courageous, or skilled, and those are traits that you'd like to exhibit in your own life. You're working toward becoming the best version of yourself, and this character is a constant reminder to do that.


An Inspirational Quote

If your phone's lockscreen shows an inspirational quote graphic, you benefit from positive thinking and reciting a daily mantra. You believe in the power of setting intentions, and you know that thinking good thoughts always makes your days better. You know that even the most clichéd phrase can be beneficial as long as the right message is there.


A Nature Photo You Took

On the other hand, if your lockscreen is a nature photo you captured on your own, it reflects the power of your experiences. A simple photo can bring you back to a special moment in time and immortalize a memory you'll never forget. You feel at ease with the life you've built for yourself. As much as you value the times in the past, you're also looking forward to building more special moments in the future.


A Piece of Art

If your lockscreen shows some kind of artwork, you're a creative mind who's often drawn to the abstract. It's probably something that speaks to you in ways that you can't truly articulate. You're a very visual person, and a splash of color or the direction of a stroke can evoke mighty feelings within your soul. The image encapsulates something you wish you created yourself—but maybe one day you'll be able to top it with your own artistry.


Your Pet

People who keep a photo of their pet as their lockscreen are often emotional beings. Since your pet can put a smile on your face no matter what you're dealing with, you love to have their smiling mug on your phone. Sometimes, that photo can be just the pickup you need to turn a bad day around. The simple pleasures in life can elicit a powerful response from you, and a photo can be all it takes to make all your worries melt away.

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A Meme

If your lockscreen photo is always the latest funny meme you're obsessed with, you value humor in your life and just want to make people laugh. You're probably very internet-literate and are always up to date with the latest social media trends. You don't care if people share a sense of humor with you because you know what you like, and that's all that matters.


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