7 Phrases to Avoid When Helping Someone Through a Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do—being there for a person going through one should make it easier on them.

Obviously everyone handles breakups differently, and no two splits are the same, but there are some guidelines to follow across the board when it comes to helping someone through this tough time, as opposed to simply just being there.

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"Your role when helping a person going through a breakup is to be supportive, understanding, empathetic, patient and present," DatingPilot's Stephania Cruz tells Sweety High. "Doing the opposite of this can actually hurt the person you care about more and can even lead to them isolating themselves away from you and others." 

As a matter of fact, there are several terms and phrases you should absolutely avoid altogether when dealing with someone in this situation. Keep reading to find out what they are.

'You were too good for him/her'

'You're better off'

'There's a reason why it wasn't meant to be'

'I knew you guys were bound to break-up'

"These comments are contrary to being understanding and empathetic," Stephania explains. "Instead, you want to say things that are supportive, such as, 'I'm here for you if you need me,' and, 'I'm sorry you're going through this, how can I help?' "

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'Will you get over him/her already?'

'When will you stop wasting tears on him/her?' 

'When will you be ready to date again?'

"You also don't want to rush their grieving or breakup process," Stephania says. "These comments are not only unsupportive, but they demonstrate that you're tired of them grieving. People who are going through a breakup need time to grieve and process things in their own time."

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Most Helpful Actions to Take When Someone's Going Through a Breakup

"One should be there by inviting them to places or physically being there and checking on them, being a shoulder to cry on or just listening," Stephania suggests. "The person enduring heartbreak will also be more thankful and more inclined to seek those who listen and are empathetic, versus someone who lectures, judges, and doesn't understand."

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