10 Phrases You'll Hear From Every Cheerleading Coach

Between stunting, tumbling, football halftime performances and competition, a cheerleading coach really has her hands full.

Being a cheerleading coach is no joke—and like every other sport, cheer follows a specific, but unique set of rules. A hybrid of dance, gymnastics and drill, there are tons of elements that go into creating a successful cheer squad.

If you're a member of said squad, keep reading for 10 phrases you've most definitely heard your cheerleading coach say:


Every practice, stretch and routine starts off with your coach yelling out these four little numbers. They get you revved up and on the beat, and you find yourself using them for just about everything.


"Tie Your Hair Back" / "Take Off Your Jewelry"

We know that practicing with your hair down looks way cuter—especially when the football team is practicing right next to you. But, do your coach a favor and tie your hair back so she doesn't have to keep reminding you! Also, lose the bling.


"Practice Makes Permanent"

The reason you go to practice is to get better, so only "marking" the routine when you're at cheer practice isn't going to help you at all in the long run. Practice really does make permanent, and if you're permanently marking your routines, you might forget a move or even get out of breath on game day or competition. We know it gets old hearing your cheer trainer say this over and over again, so why not just always do it full out? Plus, you get a better workout!


"This Is the Last Full Out"

How many times have you heard your cheer coach promise "this is the last full out?" Every cheerleader knows that those words mean precisely the opposite and that you have many more full outs in your future. A "full out" means the last time you have to do every component of the routine: stunts, tumbling, facials, volume—full out.


"Watch Your Spacing"

This is a cheer coach favorite, mainly because spacing is so important— especially for halftime routines when a majority of the audience is perched high up in the bleachers. You've surely heard your coach belt out "watch your spacing" many a time, but is there anything less cute than a wonky-looking V-shape or a stunt group that's just totally out of place?



No, we're sadly not talking about a spa day. Facials are just as important to a cheer routine as a killer Russian jump or an insane basket toss. They can make or break you at competition, and you've surely heard your cheer coach repeatedly scream "facials!" during practice.


"The Crazier You Feel, the Better It Looks"

This line usually follows the cooing demand by your coach for "facials!" But she's right—the crazier your facials feel, the better it looks. So bring your facial A-game!


"Point Your Toes"

There are so many things to remember in a cheer routine that pointed toes usually fall in last place. But is there anything messier than a jump with flexed feet? When your coach tells you to point your toes, you better point!


"If You're Bored at Home, Stretch"

When coach says this, it always makes the team LOL. Between practice, homework and catching up with friends, is anyone ever bored at home during the school year? But stretching outside of practice is vital, so we've started scrolling through our IG feeds while working on the center splits.


"I Can't Hear You"

Cheer is the one time it really pays to be loud! During the vocal part of the routine, you've probably heard your coach say, "I can't hear you" a million times, followed by a hand motion to her ear.


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