How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Shoes to Complement Your Approach to Prom

When it comes to picking the perfect shoes for prom, one size certainly does not fit all.

And we're not just talking about shoe size. Depending on what your evening looks like, you'll want to adjust your shoe choices accordingly. You probably don't want to wear four-inch heels if you plan to dance all night long, and you won't want to wear flats if the whole idea is to look magnificently tall.

If you need some help, keep reading to find the type of shoes that will perfectly complement your approach to prom.

For Dancing the Night Away: Dressy Flats

Just because prom is the most fabulous evening of the year doesn't mean that heels have to be your go-to. If your plan is to spend the entire night moving your body on the dance floor, that'll means hours and hours of being on your feet, and you're not going to be want to be in heels while you do it. Comfort is key, and with a gorgeous, dressy flat—perhaps with some glitz or embellishments—you can look as glamorous as you need to, without twisting your ankle or taking your shoes off every 10 minutes to rest your aching heels and toes.


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For a Lot of Running Around With a Little Lift: Mid-Low Heels

Sometimes, you need a little extra mobility and a bit of a lift off the ground. For all of those moments, a stylish low heel is the right shoe for you. The right pair can make your calves appear more toned without forcing your arches into uncomfortable and precarious positions. They're also great for beginners who simply can't trust themselves in towering heels.


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For Having It Both Ways: Chunky Wedges

A tall, yet solid, wedge is the perfect compromise if you need to be comfy but aren't willing to sacrifice height. Though walking in them may take some practice, they offer a lot more stability and support than your average heel of the same height, allowing the wearer to sport them for longer without triggering those annoying aches. And while searching for the perfect cute pair of wedges can be a lot harder than locating a nice pair of heels, the search is completely worth it.


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For Height With a Sense of Security: Strappy Sandal Heels

When you want that dazzling height but are a little nervous about maneuvering around in them, heeled sandals can be your saving grace. It may sound weird, but they can be a little bit like regular heels with the training wheels on. Sandals with lots of straps keep your foot in place and guide you, so you never have to worry about them slipping away from your feet. It helps that the straps can also make  an eye-catching statement.


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For Looking Fabulously Tall and Elegant: High, High Heels

For some, prom is all about the look. If you're willing to put up with aches and blisters in the name of fashion, then you should go all-in at prom with a pair of ridiculously high heels. You may not wind up doing a ton of dancing, but you will look like a star. High, high heels put a swagger in your step and give you a boost in height to make your legs look long and marvelous. It'll help you make any dress look prom queen-worthy.


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