How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

Walking into the glasses shop to find dozens upon dozens of frames and styles waiting for you can feel pretty intimidating, particularly if you're new to glasses and are still finding your style.

Thankfully, Jonas Paul Eyewear founders Ben and Laura Harrison are here to help. They recently made their own guide to finding the right glasses based on your face shape, and got to ask them our most pressing questions about why certain glasses work so well for certain people.

Obviously, style is relative and you may find a perfect pair of glasses that breaks all the rules, but if you don't have a clue where to start, this handy guide might give you a big push in the right direction.

For Round Faces

If you have a round face, with soft angles, and a slightly curved jawline that's slightly narrower than your forehead, Ben and Laura say that rectangular frames, with a narrower eyeglass, are properly your best bet because they'll make your face appear longer.

"Oftentimes, finding a great pair of glasses is all about a contrast in shapes," Laura Harrison explains. "Since rounder faces have soft angles and less distinct face lines, keeping the glasses more rectangular for these faces helps better define these features."

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For Square Faces

For square faces that are wide at the forehead and cheekbones, the duo recommends thin, circular frames in order to soften the angles of the face.

"Square faces have more distinct jawlines and more angular features, so pairing a more round frame with a square face will help soften the angular features," says Ben Harrison.

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For Oval Faces

Oval faces have balanced proportions, usually with high cheekbones and a chin wider than the forehead. When it comes to finding the right glasses for this face shape, it's all  wearing walnut-shaped frames that aren't too deep or narrow in order to keep the appearance of the proportions as-is.

"For oval-shaped faces, wearing a pair of glasses with a short lens, height or width will create the illusion that the face features are disproportionate, which is not the case," Laura says. "Faces that already have a naturally balanced look will do best with frames that have a medium-sized lens size."

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For Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces have higher cheekbones, with a sharply tapered jawline that's typically more narrow than the forehead. For this face shape, Ben and Laura recommend thin and airy frames.

"By keeping frames lighter in color and material, or even rimless, heart-shaped faces appear to be more balanced and symmetrical from top to bottom," Ben says.

Jonas Paul Eyewear The Maddie Glasses

(via Jonas Paul Eyewear)


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