How to Pick an Unforgettable Signature Fragrance for a Big Event

Have you ever stepped into a room and had a scent transport your memory to another time and place, instantly filling you with an uncanny sense of déjà vu?

Scent has a remarkable connection to memory, and you should fully embrace that fact by picking a signature smell that will forever bring you back to an unforgettable life event. If you need some help selecting that perfect perfume, we have a few tips for you.

Deviate From the Norm

Do you usually go with something sweet, or vanilla, or floral with your fragrances? This special event might be the perfect time to try out something completely new and discover a scent you wouldn't typically wear. Of course, we're not saying that you should wear something you dislike on such an important day. It's all about finding a new side of yourself and flaunting it on a very special occasion. Plus, if it's unlike anything else in your collection, it'll be unmistakable as your special scent for that unique day, and will remain so for years to come.


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Don't Settle

Finding your ideal event fragrance is all about landing on something special and unique, which means you absolutely shouldn't settle on whatever you find first. We don't recommend trying out just a couple of perfumes at the counter and going with whatever you like best, or simply going with whatever's already on your shelf at home because that's easy and you don't feel like putting in the work. Go to multiple stores and try out everything that catches your eye (and nose) so you won't have any scent regrets later.


Match Your Look or Event Theme

if you have a dress picked out ahead of time, keep its appearance and feel in mind as you go shopping for fragrances. You might discover that an elegant powdery perfume is the perfect scent match for your shimmery, fairy-like dress, or that a musky, dark scent complements your midnight blue ensemble fabulously. On the other hand, you might stumble upon a fragrance you absolutely love, but that clashes thematically when paired with your dress. Maybe you'll even want to select a scent that's evocative of the event's themes. It shouldn't be the only factor you consider, but it may push you in the right direction when you need a tie-breaker.


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Give It a Test Run

Just because you've found a scent you adore doesn't necessarily mean you've stumbled upon the fragrance for your big event. That's because different fragrances will react differently do different body chemistry, thus creating subtly different changes to the smell from person to person. You'll have to actually wear it for a bit to know if it's exactly right for you and clarify whether it's the right choice. Spritz some on in the store, or have someone prepare you a sample size, if possible.


Buy From Your Heart

Once you've nailed down your dream fragrance, remember that as your signature event scent, it's meant to mostly be a one-time item for a very special occasion. You're probably not planning on wearing it regularly, and the purchase will mostly be for catching the occasional whiff when you need a healthy dose of nostalgia, so you're not going to need a massive bottle. However, because it is a unique occasion, you shouldn't be too afraid of splurging a bit in order to get exactly the fragrance you want.  At the same time, don't be dissuaded from inexpensive fragrances, either. If you love it, who cares if it doesn't cost a lot of money?


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Or, Break All the Rules

At the end of the day, it's your big day, and you should feel free to break every "rule" on this list if that's what's right for you. It's just a fragrance, and you shouldn't stress too much about making sure it's perfect. Maybe you've already discovered your signature scent. It makes you feel like the cutest and most confident version of yourself, and you want to wear it every day—including this event. Maybe you find a fragrance during your shopping that you'll want to keep wearing forever because you'd like to associate it with all your happiest memories and not just this event. Make the experience fun, don't feel too bogged down by our tips and let your intuition guide you to your decision.


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