Are Pickles Your Favorite Food? You'll Appreciate These Items

Knowing that pickles exist is just one of the many reasons we wake up in the morning. Seriously, any bad day can instantly be turned around by biting into a salty pickle.

For those of you who feel the same we, we've got a little something something for you. Scroll below for 13 items you need to express your admiration of pickles to the world:

Pickle-Flavored Lip Balm: $4

Because you can't eat pickles 24/7, at least your lips will taste like them all the time when smothered in this vinegary lip balm.

Pickle-flavored lip balm from Etsy

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"Dill With It" Magnet: $3.50

No pun ever really beats this one.

"Dill With It" pickle magnet from Etsy

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"Kinda a Big Dill" Sticker: $2.99

Okay, except maybe this pun. It really is a close call.

"Kinda a Big Dill" pickle sticker from Etsy

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Pickle Pillow: $25

Nothing beats cuddling with this bad boy after a rough day.

Pickle pillow from Etsy

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Pickle Earrings: $17.64

These are the reason we have our ears pierced.

Pickle earrings from Etsy

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Personalized Pickle Necklace: $17.95

Every pickle-lover needs their very own personalized pickle necklace.

Personalized pickle necklace from Etsy

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Pickle Lapel Pin: $11.58

Your denim or leather jacket could really benefit from this adorable addition.

Pickle lapel pin from Etsy

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"Zesty" Pickle Patch: $4.50

While you're adding flair to your jackets, don't forget about this patch.

Zesty pickle patch from Etsy

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Pickle-Scented Soap: $5

Don't ask, just buy it.

Pickle-scented soap from Etsy

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Pickles iPhone Case: $17.66

Do you enjoy pickles as much as you think you do if your phone isn't sporting this case?

Pickle iPhone case from Etsy

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Pickle Bath Bomb: $13.27

This bath bomb comes with a surprise inside. Sadly, it's not a pickle.

Pickle bath bomb from Etsy

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"If You Can Read This, Bring Me a Pickle" Socks: $8.32

Or you can just bring the whole jar…

"If you can read this, bring me a pickle" socks from Etsy

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Pickle T-Shirt: $33.07

You better stock up on these, because you should wear them all the time.

Pickle t-shirt from Etsy

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Ever wondered what avocado pickles taste like? We did, so we made some of our own HERE.