These Adorable Pics of Puppies in Leaves Are Sure to Put You in the Fall Spirit

If for some reason you're not in the fall spirit, we're about to change that with the help of some very adorable dogs.

Scroll below for some truly precious pics of puppies in leaves that'll have you embracing the season with open arms.

We've fallen in love with Doug the Pug all over again after seeing this saucy pic.


Maxine the Fluffy Corgi is too cute for words rolling around in a pile of leaves.


We can't get over how majestic Porter the Golden Retriever looks walking through fallen leaves.


We've never seen a doggo as happy to play in leaves as Linus the Sheltie.


How long did it take you to find Zoie the Pekingese?

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Nothing can separate Maximus the Sprocker Spaniel from his favorite leaf.


Echo the Red Border Collie is very protective of her leaf pile.


Dean the Basset Hound isn't at all amused by the changing foliage.

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We wish we were as photogenic as Beni the Jack Russell Terrier.

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There's no fall activity more exhilarating than running through a pile of leaves. Just ask Mochi the Maltipoo.


Minzi the Teacup Pomeranian knows just what you should do to capture your crush's attention this fall.

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Mister Barclay the Pomeranian has welcomed fall with open paws.


No pupper loves fall more than Zeta the Border Collie mix.

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If you want to see something even more adorable, watch THIS sweet pup do his part to clean up Puerto Rico.