Piglet Rescues Drowning Goat… Or Does It?

A piglet rescues a drowning baby goat... or does it?

When a baby goat falls to the current, it's time for a piglet rescue…

Did you believe what you saw? It turns out this piglet rescue is actually a hoax, concocted by prankster Nathan Fielder. He admitted it just in time to promote his show, "Nathan For You," where he tries to help growing business by using viral marketing campaigns.

"My mission was to make Oak Glen Petting Zoo a destination," Fielder said. "What they needed was a star animal. The plan (was) to create a hero pig."

Though many believed the story initially and the video got more than 7.7 million views on YouTube, it didn't take long for people to become suspicious of the video. One YouTuber mentioned that you can see a human arm helping the goat along.

In fact, divers did help guide the animals, and the pig was a trained professional! An underwater track made out of PVC pipe provided the guide for the pig's movements.