Every Pikachu Lover Needs These Back-to-School Accessories

Whether you're already back in school or you're in the middle of doing your final back-to-school shopping, you need supplies–fast.

Your school supplies should always reflect your personal style, which is why these 10 adorable Pikachu items are perfect for any Pokémon lover.


Pikachu Face Backpack: $14.92

This Pikachu face backpack is pretty cute, but the long ears make it a must-have.

Pikachu backpack

(via Jet)


Pikachu Three-Ring Binder: $42.99

This binder was technically made for carrying Pokémon trading cards, but it's also perfect for holding all of your school assignments in one handy place. And who doesn't love faux leather?

Pikachu 3-ring binder

(via Overstock)


Pikachu Plush Doll Tissue Dispenser: $20.89

No one likes having the sniffles in class! This Pikachu may just look like a stuffed animal, but it's actually a handy tissue dispenser.

Pikachu tissue holder

(via ebay)


Pikachu Calculator: $10

This Pikachu calculator can only handle simple arithmetic, but it'll look pretty impressive on your desk.

Pikachu calculator

(via ebay)


Pikachu Stapler: $20

This retro Pikachu stapler was built to handle all of your stapling needs.

Pikachu stapler

(via Etsy)


Pikachu Pencil Sharpener: $17.25

With help from this Pikachu and Poké Ball pencil sharpener, your days (and pencils) will never get dull.

Pikachu pencil sharpener

(via ebay)


Pikachu Stationery Pouch: $7.51

All of these cute Pikachu accessories deserve a fabulous carrying case!

Pikachu pencil case

(via ebay)


Pikachu Compact Scissors: $96.15

We don't actually expect anyone to pay almost $100 for these mini folding Pikachu scissors, but have you ever seen anything like them?

Pikachu scissors

(via Amazon)


Handmade Pikachu Paper Clip: $3

Not all of your paper clips can be one of these precious handmade felt Pikachu ones. Get just one to put the perfect touch on a special school assignment.

Pikachu paper clip

(via Etsy)


Pikachu Bento Box: $36

Lunch will never be boring if it's served inside of one of these Pikachu bento boxes, complete with chopsticks. Maybe your lunch can resemble Pikachu, too.

Pikachu lunch box

(via ebay)


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