Is It Cute or Creepy That This Spider Looks Just Like Pikachu?

We're warning you now that it might not be wise to scroll down if you're scared of spiders—but this one looks just like Pikachu and might be totally worth it.

Pikachu with rope tied around waist

(Pokémon via 4 Kids Entertainment)

The folks at Nerdist were the first to report on Twitter user Jonathan Kolby's personal photo of the spider, noting that its but looks pretty identical to Pikachu.

As it turns out, this wasn't a one-off. The spider is from the species micrathena sagittata. Based on what we've been able to find on Instagram, this color palette is the signature look of females of the species, complete with Pikachu's signature yellow color, black ear tips, rosy red cheeks and even its eyes, nose and mouth.

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Even though we're totally squeamish around spiders, we don't mind looking at this Pokémon doppelganger. It's almost cute enough to keep around as a pet. Almost.


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