Pile It On With Cimorelli In New Subway Ad!

Cimorelli appear in an awesome brand new ad for Subway, urging fans to "Pile it on!" when it comes to veggies! The ad ties in to their fabulous Summer With Cimorelli series!Pile It On Cimorelli Subway

In the commercial, Lisa orders a sandwich at Subway from Joey, her crush who happens to work there!

Lisa orders a turkey sandwich. When it comes to selecting the vegetables she wants on her sub, she asks Joey to "pile it on," resulting in her five sisters breaking out into a lovely a cappella performance as they sing "pile it on!"

Obviously, Lisa ends up getting embarrassed by her sisters, but we couldn't agree more with their message. It's super healthy to pile the veggies onto any meal, including Subway sandwiches

In February, Cimorelli and Subway released their first online-only ad together. You can watch that one here!

You might just catch this commercial on your TV this summer! Stay tuned for more updates on the Summer With Cimorelli series as well!

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