Here's How the Pillow Cube Pro Is Giving Me THE Best Sleep

Ever since I was a little kid, I've struggled to fall asleep easily, as well as stay asleep once I'd gotten there.

If you've read a lot of my work here, you've probably seen me try countless sleep tricks and review many sleep products, and while each has incrementally gotten me closer to the perfect night's sleep, I'not quite there yet. And while, in my opinion, nothing is better for sleep than good sleep hygiene, putting my phone away well before bed is only getting tougher and tougher for me these days.

So when I stumbled upon an Instagram ad for the Pillow Cube, it immediately caught my attention. The cube-shaped memory foam pillow was designed specifically for side-sleepers (read: me!), and I wondered just how much it might be able to help me in my own sleep journey. I reached out to the company, who very generously provided me with a sample of their Pillow Cube Pro. After about two weeks with it, I have to say I never want to go back to traditional pillows.

The Product

The Pillow Cube Pro is a rectangular pillow designed for side-sleepers who have the tendency to roll around in their sleep. It's made of high-rebound memory foam that perfectly cushions the head and neck, designed to keep the head at a 90° angle to the shoulders. This keeps the spine in alignment and allows for comfortable sleeping while also preventing neck and shoulder pain that can result from bending the neck awkwardly while you sleep. The pillow is also anti-microbial, and comes with a breathable cover and white pillowcase.

The Pillow Cube Pro is 24 inches long and 12 inches wide. It's available at four, five or six inches tall, depending on your preference. For review, I was sent the five-inch version. All three sizes retail for $119.99 each.

Pillow Cube in modern bedroom

(via Pillow Cube)


The Experience

My Pillow Cube Pro arrived sealed in an air compression bag, and when I removed it from its packaging, it was very flat and squished. However, it only took about half an hour for it to decompress to its full, fluffy size, already wrapped in both its cover and pillowcase, and immediately, I was excited to test it out.

From the moment my head touched it, I knew this was different than any pillow I'd tried in the past. The memory foam had just the right amount of give, so that my head sank in comfortably and my spine felt aligned, and my ear didn't feel squished at all as I rested on it.

Even better, when bedtime rolled around, I found myself tossing and turning a lot less than I usually do in order to find a comfortable position. Even when my head was racing (which it does often just when I'm trying to get it rested for bed), my body felt comfortable enough to stay in the one position. It also didn't heat up quickly under my head, which added to that sense of comfort.

Woman sleeping on side with pillow cube

(via Pillow Cube)

It didn't take me too long to fall asleep on that first night, and though I move around a lot in my sleep—I often wake up with pillows on the floor and the sheets in complete disarray—when I awoke, I was still on the pillow. It perfectly accommodated for me rolling around in my sleep.

Since that initial night, it's continued to provide me with full nights of sleep. I haven't woken up once in the middle of the night since then. And while I sometimes do wake up on my back on the Pillow Cube Pro, that feels great, too.

It's also a comfy body pillow to rest on during the day for reading and lounging. In the past, I've also really struggled to take naps because it takes me so long to unwind, but with the Pillow Cube Pro, I've managed to doze off and wake up refreshed in the span of half an hour, just like naps are supposed to work.

Pillow Cube women reading in bed with pillow cube

(via Pillow Cube)

With this pillow, I wake up before my alarm goes off nearly every day, and I feel good and ready to take on the day. I hope that feeling lasts a long, long time.



Bottom Line

Pillow Cube Pro has seriously changed the way I sleep, but that might be because it seems tailor-made to my needs. If you're not a side-sleeper, you like your pillows extra firm or having your pillow warm and toasty under your head as you sleep, this pillow might not be for you. However, if you do sleep on your side and migrate around in your bed as you rest, I think you'll love this pillow just as much as I have.

The biggest drawback of this pillow is the price. Not everyone can simply drop $120 on a pillow, and even those who can will probably want to research it seriously before investing. All I can say is that, personally, it's worth that price tag. After all, we spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so we might as well invest and commit to the very best when it comes to our sleeping situations. My sleep has improved significantly since I started using this pillow, and I think I'm far from the only one.


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