Here's What You Should Know About Girl Group Pink Heart

Okay, do yourself a favor and listen to "Super Cali" by Pink Heart right now.

It's a major bop, so naturally we were more than ready to dive in and get to know the gals singing it. Here's what they shared with Sweety High this week!


(Photo Credit: Brandon Showers)

Full Names: Gabriella Leaphart, Anaya Cheyenne Davis and Madox Dorsey

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia (Gabriella and Madox) and Norwalk, Connecticut (Anaya)

Birthdays: Dec. 26 (Gabriella), May 7 (Anaya) and Jan. 18 (Madox)

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn (Gabriella and Madox) and Taurus (Anaya)

Fun Facts:

1. Gabriella's favorite scent in the world is the smell of cake and cupcakes.

"When I feel more relaxed I enjoy the smell of the ocean."

– Gabriella Leaphart

2. Anaya's dream vacation would be to go to Tokyo.

3. Madox's all-time favorite Disney princess is Merida.

"I think she's the most confident character."

–Madox Dorsey

4. Anaya and Madox are obsessed with dogs.

"Dogs are my favorite animals because they are so cute and I have a special connection with them."

–Anaya Davis

5. The number one thing on Gabriella's bucket list is to hang with Zendaya one day.

"Maybe she can teach me how to roller skate!"

–Gabriella Leaphart

6. Anaya and Madox both live for mochi ice cream and wish more people knew about it.

"I love that it's a dessert from another country. It's great to experience foods from other cultures."

–Madox Dorsey


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