Pink Police Car Supports Breast Cancer Awareness!

In October of 2011, the Miami Beach Police created an incredible pink police car in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!Pink Police Car

It's October yet again, and we think it's time to remember this awesome symbol for girl power and awareness for an issue that impacts more than 200,000 families each year.

Though the pink car comes fully equipped with lights and sirens, it doesn't pull over lawbreakers.

Instead, the car spends much of its time during the month of October parked in front of the police station. It also goes to important breast cancer awareness events throughout Miami Beach throughout the month!

Above the left rear wheel, the words "Hope always" are written in a curly font. reminding all of those affected by breast cancer to always remain hopeful for the future!

The police squad first became involved with breast cancer awareness by joining with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k. It eventually led to the creation of the bubblegum pink patrol car!

What do you think of the pink patrol car?