How to Use Pinrose's Good Intentions Kit to Smell Great and Feel Even Better

Until I was introduced to Pinrose fragrances earlier this year, I was never much of a perfume-wearer.

But smelling their scents changed everything. Now, picking out a signature fragrance for the day is a part of my morning routine that brings me a lot of joy. So when I learned that Pinrose had a new Good Intentions Kit including eight fragrances paired with their own positive intentions, I knew I had to try it out, and the company was kind enough to provide me one for review.

The Product

The Good Intentions Kit contains eight mini spray bottles of original Pinrose scents that are each paired with their own mindful intention. Certain fragrances correspond with positive intentions, such as optimism, love and determination, and by wearing each one and building associations between the scents and the ideas, one can reinforce those ideals throughout the day whenever they catch a whiff of these delicious scents.


The kit comes with eight 1.5 mL spray bottles, with a guide to each fragrance included right in the packaging, and it retails for just $25.



The Experience

I decided to test the Good Intentions Kit by picking a daily fragrance every morning for a couple of work weeks and seeing how keeping an intention throughout the day might influence me.


Secret Genius

I started on a Wednesday with Secret Genius, which represents intuition. It has a sweet fragrance that delicately blends vanilla and sandalwood into a fragrance that's soft rather than overpowering. While most vanilla-scented fragrances give me an instant headache, this one is actually my favorite in the entire Pinrose lineup.

But I don't just love this scent for the way it smells. It was also a perfect match for the day, since I was writing about tarot cards and how to incorporate them into your self-care routine. There's something a little otherworldly about the fragrance, and whenever I smelled it, I was reminded to think about intuition, spirituality and being in tune with the world around me.

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Pillowtalk Poet

The following day was a Thursday, and there was a general sense around the office that it had been an especially long and tedious week. Everyone was thrilled that it was nearly over, and I felt that a bit of focus could help push me through the day. That's why Pillowtalk Poet, symbolizing strength, felt just right.

The fragrance has a baby powder-like fragrance that I don't think I'd typically enjoy, but it counters that strong scent with musk to balance it out. As weird as it sounds, in my mind, the combination conjures up imagery of muscular masculinity. That isn't necessarily my personal definition of "strength," but it works well to reinforce the intention without smelling like stinky boys' body spray.

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Wild Child

The next day was a Friday, and a little bit of the playfulness associated with the Wild Child fragrance was in order. After a drawn-out week, it was time to finally embrace the fun side of things and play ahead of a restful weekend.

And there's something mischievously playful about Wild Child's floral scent. Though the fragrance is described as having notes of gardenia, jasmine and plumeria, I associate the smell with the honeysuckle flowers you find blooming in the wild during spring. It makes me think of the great outdoors, which seems just right.

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Lil' Dipper

I picked the routine back up on Monday, and didn't know exactly what intention I might need for the day, so I randomly picked out Lil' Dipper, which represents compassion. Scented with peony, lavender and sandalwood, it has a bright floral scent that's cheery yet mellow. Over time, I'm come to associate the scent with kindness, which goes hand in hand with compassion.

I always try to live my life with a healthy dose of compassion, but throughout the day, the scent reminded me to keep that kind of warmth in my heart. The following day, I got some difficult family news and didn't come into the office to continue my scenting routine, but I did my best to deal with the situation with the calmness and empathy I'd been practicing since the following day.

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Mystical Misfit

After dealing with various things all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I was finally able to get back into the swing of things Wednesday afternoon, and I felt I could use a hit of confidence with the help of Mystical Misfit. This was the only Pinrose scent in the Good Intentions Kit I hadn't had the pleasure of smelling in the past, and I was delighted to discover its tart peachy scent.

The scent is bold and fresh without being too strong or overwhelming. It's sophisticated, but it won't make you smell old, either. It's the kind of scent that you can feel really good about bringing into a room with you, and I know personally that smelling nice always lends an air of confidence.

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Sun Saint

On Thursday morning, I was feeling like it was time to look on the bright side of life, so I decided to wear my second favorite Pinrose scent, Sun Saint, which symbolizes optimism. The fragrance has a fun, beachy scent of coconut and lime that always reminds me of sunscreen and piña coladas.

It makes me think of vacations, and I'm rarely more upbeat and positive than when I don't have a care in the world and have the time to soak up the sun to the sound of waves lapping the shore. It would be hard to smell it and not immediately be transported to a happy, sunny place, and it was exactly what I needed to maintain a rosy attitude.

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Merry Maker

On Friday, with the weekend ahead of me, I thought it would be a good idea to wear Merry Maker, which represents love. The scent reminds me of fresh, clean laundry with fruity hints of nectarine and plum, and it's easy to fully fall in love with it.

The weekends are when I get to spend the most time with my S.O., so I thought it would be lovely to end Friday full of love and caring in my heart. We had a fun couple of days full of great food, totally classic movies and amazing video games, so I can confidently say it worked like a charm.

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Gilded Fox

On Monday, I only had one scent left to try, but it happened to be perfect. Gilded Fox represents determination, which I need a little bit of every Monday to get over my weekend laziness and get everything started again.

Gilded Fox's chocolate-y scent, with a hint of smokey molasses, shouldn't work at all, but it does. The fragrance just oozes confidence, and when I smell it, I think of a strong woman with a real sense of purpose. Then, when I wear it, I become that determined woman. It didn't necessarily make Monday easier, but it did help me feel like I could handle it.

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Mixing Things Up

Once I was done with my experiment, I wanted to add an element of randomness to my scenting routine. If you're not afraid of messing with the cute packaging of your Good Intentions Kit, you can cut it up into cards to help you select scents when you're not sure what intention to wear for the day. After four days of doing this process, I've picked Sun Saint three times, so I think I'm in for a pretty optimistic weekend.



Bottom Line

If you're curious about scenting intentionally, or just want to try out eight awesome fragrances for just $25, I highly recommend the Good Intentions Kit. Every single one of Pinrose's fragrances balances playfulness with refinement to create something that anyone can wear for any occasion, and no two scents are quite alike. I'm thrilled to now have 10 lovely Pinrose fragrances in my collection, and I gush about them any chance I get.


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