Get Pins and Patches Delivered to Your Front Door With THIS Customized Subscription Box

If you're looking to strengthen your pin and patch game, look no further than signing up for a Brat Box subscription.

Brat Box subscription box

Founded by Brock Cady, Brat Box is the only customized subscription service out there that delivers a variety of pins and patches to your front door.

"Every month our members get a curated box of artist designed pins and patches based on their favorites themes," Brock told Sweety High. "Three new Brat Box themes are launched every month. Members are notified via text message to pick their theme for the month. Once the member picks their theme we collaborate with our artist friends to fill their Brat Box with themed pin and patches, artist content and little surprises!"

When it comes to curating the box's theme, Brock has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

"I'll have one main item for each theme then I layer on additional pins and patches to create variation within a theme," he said. "Each box can be a little different from member to member which gives it that personal touch."

Because I have an obsession with pins and patches, I was eager to give Brat Box a try. So I signed up, picked out a theme and was delivered a perfectly curated box full of whimsical pins and patches galore.

Brat Box filled with pins and patches

If seeing this doesn't make your heart light up with joy, I don't know what will.

Let's take a closer look at all the fun items that were in my box, shall we?

1. "Babe With the Power" Heart Pin: I'm all about pins that make a statement, and this one does just that and then some. I love the added sparkly detail on the heart, too. My confidence got an extra boost when I fastened this to my leather jacket.

Babe With the Power pin from Sugarbones

2. Alice in Wonderland Book Cover Pin: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is one of my all-time favorite books, so I immediately took a strong liking to this pin. Wearing it is also a great conversation starter!

Alice in Wonderland book cover pin from Ideal Bookshelf

3. "Meow Five" Cat Pin: I love cats! When I saw this pin, my heart melted from its sheer cuteness. Meow five? C'mon, that's freaking adorable!

Meow Five cat pin from Glitteracy

4. Heart Eyes Ghost Pin: If I was ever embodied in a pin, it would without a doubt be this one. I'm just your average ghost girl roaming the street with hearts in her eyes, nbd.

Heart Eyes Ghost pin from Sara M. Lyons

5. "Whatever Forever" Patch: A motto I wholeheartedly live by, this patch sums up my sentiments about life. As one of my favorite bands Modern Baseball would say, "It's okay, 'cause whatever forever!" I can't wait to iron on this patch to my denim jacket.

Whatever Forever iron on patch from Sara M. Lyons

6. Rainbow Dalmatian Patch: Vibrant and fun, I couldn't help but smile at this rainbowfied Dalmatian. Imagine if puppies this colorful actually existed! Dream. Come. True.

Rainbow Dalmatian iron on patch from Mokuyobi

Not only did the box come with these stellar pins and patches, I also received bios on the artists behind these accessories.

"Our pins and patches are sourced from independent artists from around the world," Brock said.

It was cool to get to know a little bit about the cool peeps creating these rad items.

Pins and patches next to profiles of the people who made them

Brat Box is for sure the way to go if you're looking for an easy way to add to your collection of pins and patches.

Plus when you join the club, you get 20% off your orders from the Brat Box shop. And for all of our Sweety High readers, you can get 15% off your order from the shop using the code SWEETYHIGH15. How awesome is that?!

I'm guessing you're beyond ready to sign up for Brat Box, so head over HERE to see their three different monthly plans and get to collecting!


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