The Music Video for Piper Rockelle's 'It's Christmas!' Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit

'Tis the season for new holiday tunes.

December is here, and some of your fave stars are releasing their own odes to the Christmas season.

Piper Rockelle drops her own upbeat Christmas-themed song, complete with a music video to truly capture the magic of her memorable tune.

Appropriately titled "It's Christmas!" Piper's first single addresses all the best parts of the holiday season. From snow angels to cuddling next to the fireplace to eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival, Piper leaves no stone unturned when it comes to magical holiday activities.

And the music video takes her tune one step further. Piper belts her festive lyrics surrounded by falling snow, dances the night away at a holiday party and cuddles with her pals in a winter-themed sleepover.

The high-spirited and joyful music video captures the enchantment of the entire holiday season, serving as the perfect reminder to soak up the time with friends and family and take advantage of all the classic holiday traditions.

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So make sure you wrap up those presents and finish all your last-minute decorating soon. Like Piper said—it's Christmas!